7 Ways to Make The Most Of your Garage Remodeling

More and more individuals who are renovating their homes are concerned about updating their garages. This room which was neglected for a long time becomes nowadays an element of importance that can play a dominating role in the sale of real estate. Indeed, the garage condition reinforces the selling value of a house and can even become a strong argument.

On the other hand, transforming a garage into a full bedroom is a very effective way to expand your home.

This will allow you to accommodate your children better and, if necessary, to benefit from a generous increase in value at the time of resale. In all cases, it is therefore interesting to have a garage renovation done. Here is a brief guide that will help you estimate the price of a garage renovation and prepare the different steps.

Simple garage renovation

The first alternative to consider is a simple renovation. This type of work involves bringing your garage up to standard and up to date.
In the vast majority of cases, individuals want to improve the opening and closing of their garage, facilitate cleaning, and finally strengthen the security of electrical installations.
These works are therefore relatively simple to carry out and do not pose any major problems.

Changing a garage door

Very often, the first step in a garage renovation is to change the door. Indeed, old garage doors get loose, creak, jam and rust in various places. Therefore, people often want to have a new door installed that is easy to handle.

On the other hand, individuals most often want to install a motorized model in order to get rid of the manual opening. The prices of motorizations have dropped so much that this comfort has become almost inevitable.

Those who wish to go further will take the opportunity to connect their garage door to a home automation system and thus have a very high level of comfort.

Bringing the electricity up to standard

If the life of a house often implies refreshing the electrical installations of certain rooms, it is not the case with the garage. Generally, the electrical installation of this room remains as is until it presents a safety problem.

Take the time and care to have the electrical installation of your garage brought up to standard.

You will have reinforced security, and at the same time, you will be able to multiply the plugs or the light points for more comfort.

Repainting the interior of your garage

Grage remodeling - San Jose

A step that is increasingly requested by individuals is the painting of the garage.

In the past, the room showed cinder blocks or concrete walls, nowadays, we often take the will to reduce the amount of dust on the walls and thus provide a cleaner room. This step will enhance the aesthetics of the garage, of course, but it may need some extra costs and time.

Finally, be smart and have a plastic paint job done on the floor. This paint is often of the same type as that used in public parking lots and offers great advantages. It guarantees efficient cleaning and prevents chemical or mechanical products (oil and others) from penetrating the concrete and creating an indelible stain.

Installing a tile floor in your garage

Garage remodeling - San Jose

Even if the garage is not a living room, a great deal is gained by having a tile floor installed. This covering makes cleaning much easier thanks to its perfectly smooth surface and its resistance to water and detergents.
Be careful, though, depending on the configuration; we prefer to install a non-slip tile to avoid a slippery and dangerous floor.

Converting a garage into a bedroom during a renovation

If you want to increase the living space of your house, it is often advisable (and found) to transform the garage into a room.
Before you do anything else, find out if this conversion is allowed for your parcel. If it is, you should also be aware that some of your fees will increase slightly because the living space of your house will be increased.

Strengthen technical capacity

A room must be technically suitable to receive inhabitants, so the garage remodeling must take this element into account to achieve the transformation in the most appropriate way possible.
Therefore, it will be necessary to carry out certain elements of structural work and especially to strengthen the technical capabilities of the room before carrying out the finishing touches.

Garage remodeling

Locking the garage door

First of all, the garage door will have to be condemned. To do this, the door must inevitably be dismantled, and any associated mechanical system attached to the masonry must be released.

The opening can then be walled up either with cinder blocks or with formwork and poured concrete. Reinforcement is essential to avoid cracks between the two pieces of masonry.

The vast majority of individuals reduce the cost of this step by integrating a window or an access door at this location. These elements are essential, so you might as well install them in an already open space.

Add classic openings

If you wish, and if necessary, it may be necessary to install openings on other walls. This will require opening the masonry to fit a window (or door).

This work must be entrusted to a professional who will first determine if the wall can be opened without risk. He will then have all the necessary and very powerful tools to create an opening in the concrete.

Insulate the room

Transforming a garage into a room requires insulation. Since garages are very often not insulated, it is advisable to remedy this deficiency by installing quality insulation against the walls before installing the facing of the partitions.

The ceiling can also be insulated to circumscribe heat loss perfectly. Keep in mind that poor roof or ceiling insulation can result in up to 30% energy losses.

It will also be wise to integrate any modifications to the electrical network and add, if necessary, a plumbing network. This will be much easier because of the absence of wall cladding.

Which coatings to choose?

The coverings are important because now the garage is a room and must therefore meet relatively high aesthetic standards.

The choice of wall and floor coverings will depend on the future occupant’s tastes and the available budget.

Dressing the walls

The walls will ideally be covered with plasterboard because of the very low cost of this material and its ease of handling.

We can then cover the plasterboard with paint, panels, or wallpaper. It will be a question of your tastes and your financial means. However, painting is always the easiest and least expensive solution.

Use the ceiling wisely

Finally, the ceiling should be lined, either with plasterboard or with a stretched ceiling cloth.

In both cases, the false ceiling created will allow you to conceal any technical ducts that may supply the rest of the room.

Here again, it will be necessary to make according to your tastes and your budget, the painted plasterboard being always the least expensive solution.

Find a professional

For your garage renovation work, you will need to call upon different professionals, depending on the steps involved in your project. Bricklayers, plasterers, home remodeling contractors, painters, and others should be considered. To find your way around and benefit from the best prices, have several estimates drawn up, so you can be sure to find the ideal partner.


All of these garage remodeling ideas are easy to implement, which means you can be sure to give them a try. You can change your mind and start over without worrying that you spent too much money on remodeling. By arranging the garage rationally and thoughtfully, you will provide a comfortable environment for your every business and leisure.

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