The Best Period of the Year in California to order Roofing Services

The Best Period of the Year in California to order Roofing Services | SOD Home Group

A roof replacement or extensive repair work can present numerous challenges to both you and the contractor, these challenges can sometimes be made worse by adverse weather, potentially delaying the project and causing additional disruption.

In this article, we will discuss when the best period of the year to order roofing services in California is, in order to keep disruption to a minimum and avoid any additional costs. We will also discuss contractor availability and how to choose a roofing contractor to guarantee the best service.

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The best time of the year to replace or repair a roof

In this section, we will break down the year into seasons to analyze the pros and cons in terms of the elemental impact on a large remodeling project such as a roof replacement.

Spring – March, April & May

Spring can be considered a good time to order roof repair work as many contractors are less busy at this time of year and the number of warmer, sunnier days start to become more frequent.

Homeowners will have also felt the brunt of a damaged roof during the colder, wetter winter months, so spring is likely the first chance they will get to repair it.

Although there is always the chance of sustained periods of rain during spring, many contractors still feel it is a good time to install a new roof or repair an existing one.

One of the main issues when replacing a roof is moisture getting trapped during the installation and causing problems further down the line, hence why the drier months are more favorable for this kind of work.


  • Milder weather and generally lower humidity
  • Contractors have a more open schedule at this time of year


  • Heavy rainfall is still a possibility, potentially causing delays

Fall – September, October & November

The cooler weather experienced in fall, compared to the sweltering heat of late summer provides an optimal time to replace a roof or conduct repair work, as such, this is considered by many as the best time of year to complete this type of work.

Temperatures are mild meaning damage to materials is unlikely, this moderate weather is also kinder on the contractors, meaning fewer breaks and postponements, helping them finish the job in good time. Although rainfall can be an issue later in the season, early fall generally guarantees a large number of dry days, while storms are also less likely.

One downside to ordering roof repair work in the fall is the increase in demand, as many people look to prepare their home for the winter months, this can sometimes result in paying higher rates, or in some cases, contractors not being available. To tackle this, it is advised to book your fall repair work as early in the year as possible.


  • Mild and dry weather early in the season
  • Moderate temperatures that minimize the chance of damage to materials and improve working conditions


  • Busy season for contractors
  • Chance of rainfall later in the season

The worst period of the year to order roof repair services

Summer – June, July & August

The low chance of rain and the number of long, sunny days makes summer the most popular month to conduct roof repair work, although certainly not the best.
That being said, there are some clear advantages – one advantage is the fact that rainfall is more likely to hit later in the day, as clouds start to cool towards the evening, meaning contractors can start the work in the morning and finish before humidity is at its peak.

It is recommended to order roof repair work earlier in the summer when humidity is traditionally lower, storms are less likely and the heat is more bearable. High levels of heat in California can impact the installation of some materials, for example, asphalt shingles which could soften in the sun and lose their durability.


  • Minimal chance of rain
  • Longer, sunnier days


  • High levels of heat during the peak of summer could cause installation issues
  • Some chance of storms

Winter – December, January & February

Although many contractors will still accept orders for roof repairs and replacements in winter, the potential of cold conditions and even snow and ice make it a challenging time to complete exterior renovation work. The main benefit of ordering this kind of work in winter is the availability of contractors, however, this is largely outweighed by the potential damage to materials that can be caused by cold weather. In particular, asphalt shingles do not fair well in this sort of temperature, losing their flexibility so it is difficult to cut them to size and nail them to the roof – potentially resulting in breakages.

The shorter days in winter also give the contractors fewer daylight hours to complete the work which could prolong the project. These factors, combined with a higher chance of precipitation make winter the worst month to order roofing services.


  • Contractors are more likely to be available


  • Cold weather can damage materials such as shingles
  • Fewer daylight hours to complete the work
  • Higher chance of rain and humidity that could cause moisture-related issues

When to order roofing services in California

Taking into account the above analysis and weighing up the various pros and cons, fall is the best month to order roofing services, closely followed by spring. Summer is a reasonable time to arrange this kind of project, while winter is certainly the worst period of the year for such work.

Finding quality roofing services near me

SOD Home Group has provided roofing repair services in California since 2008, working all year round to deliver a personalized service to its clients. This bespoke service means your damaged roof can be fixed or replaced regardless of the season, with our expert contractors delivering a professional service 365 days a year.

Speak to SOD Home Group today to discuss your roofing requirements and to arrange an assessment.

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