The Complete Guide for Bathroom Remodeling in San Jose, CA

Renovating your bathroom means giving it a new soul. Bringing in new colors, changing the furniture and the layout – that all are parts of the process called remodeling. Everything is possible in a renovation, from painting to installation. Depending on the elements present inside (bath, shower, toilet), it is important to prepare the renovation well.

As a rule, the bathroom tends to suffer from the functionality of its role. It is the place where you wash, get ready for important events. The objects must be strategically placed to allow you to make the little moments of the morning (and the day) as pleasant and simple as possible. A beautiful decoration can bring life to this important room, and your home remodeling will be a real pleasure.

This guide will help you to think through the process of your bathroom renovation.

How to renovate a bathroom?

First of all, think clearly about your new bathroom. What style do you want it to have? Does it have to be fully functional? Should it also be welcoming? Do you want to make it bigger? Does it need repair work?

All these questions will determine the final result. For example, you may want to consider decorative (and functional) carpets or mosaic tiles on the floor, change the appearance of the walls (tiles, PVC), plan tub to shower conversion, and storage to optimize space.

Depending on your budget, you can also design your objects (toilets, showers), remedy humidity and condensation problems by installing a VMC.  Prepare your plans, detail them to avoid unpleasant surprises due to a reduced space to be optimized (wrong dimensions).

When remodeling a bathroom, what comes first?

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Bathroom remodeling is a serious step. You should make a precise and well-thought plan. Think about the budget, the materials, the kinds of work to be done and, of course, about your wishes. Bath, shower, taps, fittings and decorating: here are some tips to help you get started.

Planning ahead

This time, it’s decided, you’re taking on the home addition project you’ve been thinking about for some time. Your priorities are functionality, durability, easy maintenance, and comfort. Careful planning is always required to maximize your investment.

The budget and the work

Renovating the bathroom comes with its own set of tasks to be carried out and equipment to be purchased. Plan for all the work, the equipment purchasing, and possibly the contractor’s fee if you choose to get help. Write down everything you plan to do during the renovation and the resulting cost. This will give you a clearer idea of the total cost of the work to be done and help you find the right financing plan.

When drawing up your budget, plan for the following items:

  • plumbing;
  • electricity;
  • cabinets and countertops or vanity;
  • sinks and faucets;
  • paint and finishing;
  • floor covering;
  • plumbing fixtures;
  • lighting;
  • storage;
  • decoration and accessories.

Some major or specialized work requires the services of a qualified professional (e.g., an electrician) and sometimes involves high additional costs. This is the right time to plan for them.

Kitchen addition

Before you start planning your bathroom renovation, identify your needs and how you will use the room.

The right questions are:

  • Who’s going to use the bathroom? How many people are there in the family?
  • What are your wishes? What are your expectations?
  • What are the possibilities offered by the space to be renovated?

How do you design a small bathroom?

Creating a small bathroom requires ingenuity and a logistical plan. It is important to keep the bathroom functional and safe.

Choose a covering and colors that will play on the dimension in the bathroom; some colors will make the bathroom bigger.

Choose square-shaped basins to minimize the use of circulation space.

Opt for wall-hung furniture.

Dress the bathroom with large mirrors to make the room look bigger.

A shower will obviously take up less space than a bathtub.

Sliding doors are a better choice for a small bathroom.

What are the steps to remodeling a bathroom?

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Check ventilation and heating

The bathroom is a room where aeration and ventilation are necessary because of the humidity level. Without proper ventilation, the air quality will deteriorate, your towels will not dry between showers, and your paint and furniture will be damaged. Check the condition of the ventilation system or install a new one if necessary. This will ensure that the air is constantly renewed.

As for the heating, check if there is an inlet and a heating system. Adapt the power according to the volume of the bathroom.

Upgrading existing facilities

Renovation is also an opportunity to check the condition of the room. Think about the walls or the pipes, for example, and call in a plumber if necessary. This is an excellent time to make repairs and changes to the layout of water inlets and outlets.

The electrical installation should also be considered: think about the location of switches and sockets and their destination (furniture, backlit mirror, etc.).

Please note! It is essential to respect the standards: the distances between electrical sockets or switches and water points are regulated.

Make a retro planning

Try to keep track of all the work and the time needed (ask professionals if necessary). Always plan, as there are often imponderables on a building site, especially as it is impossible to start tiling when the plumbing is not finished. It’s good to always think of the work order.

The style of the bathroom

Think about the general aesthetics of your bathroom: the combination of materials, textures, and colors of sanitary products. On average, bathrooms are renovated every 15 years, so it is important to choose carefully to obtain a bathroom that resembles you, and that will last longer.

Start with the floor and walls

Renovating a bathroom often involves changing the floor. Tiles, mosaics, or waxed concrete are often preferred for the bathroom floor. It always feels like the walls need a refresh: new paint, wallpaper, wall panels, or tiles near the shower area, for instance.

In a small space, a floor darker than the walls is preferable; a change in texture or layout can also give the impression that the room is larger. For a long bathroom, choose a wide tile.

Compose the ideal lighting

For good lighting in the bathroom, it is best to have three different light points. Direct, bright lighting for a clear view should be installed above the mirror. The more light sources you use, the more effective the lighting will be. Think about energy savings: LEDs or low-energy bulbs are your best allies.

What furniture to choose? 

The furniture for a bathroom is determined according to your budget and, above all, the space available. There are several solutions available, and you just have to determine the desired utility and design:

  • bathroom furniture with drawers;
  • low-level furniture;
  • bathroom furniture with doors;
  • mobile furniture, easy to move;
  • bathroom columns or shelves can be a good space saver;
  • bathroom mirror with storage. 
New Bathroom Remodeling

How to choose a contractor?

If you are not very handy, get help with the bathroom contractor for the design/visualization of the space or the installation of certain equipment. It’s easier to work with the specialists as the work progresses more quickly and the ideas can multiply. So, if specific tasks are too complex, call in a professional – results are guaranteed!

When choosing a contractor, pay attention to the following points:

  1. recommendations; 
  2. credentials; 
  3. business experience and management: do research on remodeling in San Jose to choose the licensed contractor who can work in your area; 
  4. pick a contractor who specializes in your project type; 
  5. have a detailed contract; 
  6. give the contractor guidelines for working in or around your home.
Bathroom remodeling - san jose


No matter whether you will do it yourself or hire a contractor before you start the work, choose the products, accessories, and materials you’re going to use. A bathroom file with a precise plan – equipment, sanitaryware, their sizes, references, the height of supplies – will help you avoid unpleasant surprises during installation. Your file should also contain technical datasheets, installation recommendations, etc.

Follow all the recommendations and enjoy this newly renovated room! Just imagine those long sessions of pampering yourself. You will enjoy time spent after your morning run and after a long working day in your renovated bathroom!

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