Benefits of Energy-Efficient HVAC System

An energy-efficient home is a modern construction standard in many countries. The essence of this concept is that passive influences on the building (sunlight, ventilation) are not just wasted, but reused for heating.

Currently, eco-friendly home improvements and structures are successfully used in the USA.

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The main benefits of HVAC insulation include:

  • high energy efficiency;
  • fire safety;
  • excellent sound absorption properties.

The energy-efficient system maintains all these tasks easily, especially if applied properly.

The purpose of energy-efficient buildings is to use the resources spent on the energy supply of the building through the adoption of economically sound innovative solutions. Let’s dive deeper into the benefits that such systems bring.

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What are the advantages of an energy-efficient HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system?

1. Economical. A well-built house can save about 75% of the heat. This means that in winter you can spend much less on heating. The thermal house will be warm even in frosty weather, and pleasantly cool in summer.

2. It is environmentally friendly. After all, all the generated energy is used wisely and profitably, without wasting.

3. Sound insulation of the building, internal and external.

4. Comfortable conditions. Thermal comfort is one of the main conditions for a comfortable indoor climate. The feeling of thermal comfort is very individual.

5. Automation systems. San Jose home remodeling offers a full range of instruments, tools, and automation systems for central HVAC systems. The special system TRA (Total Room Automation) is designed for individual room temperature control in heating or cooling mode, individual room air exchange, as well as for lighting and shading the room using blinds

6. High-quality roofing and passive house insulation. This will help to avoid overheating and the greenhouse effect indoors. In order for the heat to be retained in the house, the roof insulation must be at least 40 mm thick, and the thermal resistance – R6.

7. High quality double-glazed windows. It seems to be a detail, but very important. Poor quality double-glazed windows will allow cold in winter and ultraviolet in summer to pass through. And what kind of economic house can we talk about?

When choosing glazing, you need to pay attention to the “Solar Factor” indicator (denoted by the letter G) – this is the total amount of solar heat that enters the room.

This is one of the fundamental characteristics that allow you to understand how much solar energy gets into the room, heating it. The lower this indicator, the better, because then less solar energy gets into the room, thereby reducing the load on the air conditioning system. It is important not only to choose high-quality double-glazed windows but also to take care of their correct installation in order to avoid the formation of cracks.

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The best technologies to control the comfort of your home

Air conditioning systems on the market today are equipped with programmable thermostats. This includes energy efficient models. Now you can set the temperature in the house when you are not around. Therefore, while you are at work and the children are at school, you can raise the temperature to save money. Right before returning home, you can turn on the air conditioner and get the required conditions at minimal cost.
You can do the same even in your sleep. This way, you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to keep the temperature down. Set it up so that you and your family are comfortable so that your vacation is not interrupted.

Reducing environmental impact

Does anyone want to be partially responsible for the world’s environmental problems? Of course not. You can reduce your carbon footprint by using an energy efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Since your air conditioner does not have to be turned on for a long time, less energy is used. This means that the utility uses less fuel. You save the earth’s natural resources without sacrificing the comfort of your home.

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Improved airflow

This is an important factor because it determines how quickly your home will cool down. The sooner it reaches the desired temperature, the sooner it turns off. We all know about the consequences of an AC overload that runs too long – higher electricity bills. In HVAC models, the airflow is better, which allows for better temperature control. It also helps reduce air pollution by making indoor air healthier to breathe.

As the regulatory requirements for buildings increase in terms of energy efficiency of their design, the levels of their tightness become higher, which reduces the need for heating and cooling in buildings. However, stale air can build up in a building and cause the following:

  • lack of oxygen;
  • increased risk of allergies;
  • slow dissipation of odors;
  • increased condensation, which contributes to mold formation.
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What is the HVAC system for?

Isolation of HVAC systems increases efficiency, helps to reduce CO2 emissions and operating costs. It allows you to maintain a stable temperature in the room with minimal energy consumption, creating comfortable conditions for employees of enterprises and residents of houses.

Heating and air conditioning systems in large buildings can make a lot of noise. Insulation significantly improves the acoustic characteristics of the structure, reducing the level of unwanted noise impact.

At the same time, the high temperature of the systems can pose a risk of premature destruction of thermal insulation solutions and even fire. Consequently, a well-executed non-combustible insulation helps to avoid these risks.

The energy efficient cooling system is intended for dispatching and is an integrated building management system for maintaining a microclimate and energy saving. It also integrates fire safety systems, control of unauthorized entry into premises, access control, video surveillance, energy-saving ac unit and emergency notification. Special web applications allow control from a remote computer. Mobile apps allow control using an iPhone or tablet.

Implementing an energy efficient home is not easy. But then imagine the delight that you get as a result. You will not overpay for a waste of energy. You will be proud of your home and with a smile on your face remember the day when you decided to make it just like that. And over time, you will also be able to appreciate the financial benefits of such a solution.

SOD Home Group, as the leader in air conditioning, is committed to ensuring the comfort and convenience of people in their homes and in the largest and most renowned commercial, industrial and office buildings. Trane offers a wide range of energy-efficient HVAC systems; dehumidification and air purification products.

SOD Home Group will help make your home the most comfortable place to stay at. We implement all engineering systems the way you want and as required by the standards. On your budget, according to your requirements and desires. We will advise systems from trusted manufacturers and take responsibility for the high-quality and energy-efficient operation of all these systems. Find out more about HVAC systems and how solutions can improve the energy efficiency of your project by contacting us directly and discussing your particular needs.

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