What Do Homeowners Often Overlook When Doing a Kitchen Renovation

Remodeling your kitchen is a major project. It requires serious planning and attention to detail. It’s also one of the more expensive home projects you can undertake and can take some time if the work being done is extensive.

A complete kitchen renovation involves a large number of decisions. The project may seem overwhelming. You’ll naturally be focused on issues like:

  • budget
  • Timeline
  • Overall design
  • Functional kitchen décor

There are some other important factors that are often overlooked. We’ve detailed them in this article. Before you begin a kitchen renovation project, you should find a good kitchen remodel contractor in San Jose to help you avoid these common mistakes and create the kitchen of your dreams

What Are the Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling?

A great kitchen remodeling job in San Jose can have a huge positive impact on your home. It can make your kitchen a vibrant, welcoming space. It can make it much more functional and efficient. A good remodeling job allows you to fulfill your vision of what you’d like your kitchen to be in terms of design, layout, and functionality. It can even add significantly to the value of your home.

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How Long Does the Average Kitchen Renovation Take?

The timeline for a kitchen renovation will naturally vary depending on the scope of the project. If you’re having new installations added or some minor redesign work done, you can expect it to take a couple of weeks. A full renovation, however, can easily take eight or ten weeks. If you need extensive electrical or plumbing work done, this will add time to the project. Discuss timelines with your kitchen remodeling contractor at the outset of the project.

What Not to Overlook When Kitchen Remodeling in San Jose

Here are some of the most often overlooked factors in kitchen renovation.

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Kitchen Remodeling

  • Lighting

Lighting is a crucial aspect of the kitchen remodeling job that is overlooked surprisingly often. As well as helping you to create the aesthetic you want, lighting is also really important for the work you’ll be doing every day in your kitchen. Make sure working areas such as counters are well lit. If you’ll have a kitchen table or other social areas, you’ll also want to get the lighting just right for them.

First, make sure you’ll have the right kind of light in working areas. You’ll probably need some additional, bright lighting in these spaces. Then, consider where natural sunlight will reach. This will help you with various decisions, including where to have social areas. It will also help you to make decisions about décor and coloring. Dimmer switches can be a great idea to give you total control of the ambiance in your kitchen at any given time.

  • Décor

Décor and overall design for your kitchen are one of the more fun aspects of the project to focus on. However, make sure you have a really detailed idea of what you want in terms of color and style. Are you going for a more minimalist design or do you want lively elements? Do you want a sleek, modern style or something more classic?

Thinking through these details in advance will help you to create the kitchen you want. While you’ll want a stylish aesthetic, functional kitchen décor is also important, and it can take a little planning to combine the two. Also, consider how your kitchen design will fit in with the rest of your home. You’ll want everything to flow together naturally

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  • Waste Disposal

When planning the layout of your kitchen, remember to factor in your trash cans. It’s much easier to integrate your trash cans into your kitchen design at the planning stage rather than later. Most homeowners now want their trash cans integrated into cabinets rather than the more old-fashioned, free-standing approach. However, even if you go with the freestanding option, it’s better to have a plan in advance. That way, you can identify a suitable, out-of-the-way spot that’s still easily accessible.
Another option is to store freestanding bins in cupboards to keep them out of the way. This will also help to contain any odors coming from the waste. It’s even more important to consider trash can placement given that we now separate recycling, food, and general waste.

  • Planning Appliances

Think carefully about appliances right at the start of your project. Consider how you will use them so that you can plan appropriately. This will help you to design a layout that is both stylish and functional. It’s much easier to make a design that incorporates your appliances rather than trying to find appliances that fit your design. This will also help you to use the available space as effectively as possible.

  • Storage

Storage is one of the most important factors in any kitchen redesign. Assess how much storage you will need in advance and incorporate it into your design. It may be best to err on the side of caution and have a little extra space. It can be complicated and expensive to add extra storage space later.

There are many creative and efficient storage solutions you can discuss with your kitchen remodeling contractor. Open shelves and pullout drawers and pantries can be great storage options, for example. Additional drawer dividers and cabinet expansions are also efficient and effective options.

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  • Electrical Outlets

When you’re making grand plans for your kitchen renovation, make sure you have enough electrical outlets and that they’re in the right places. A clear sense of where your appliances will be and how you will be using your kitchen will help with this. It can be really frustrating not to have access to power outlets where you need them. It can cause consistent inconvenience and can reduce the overall functionality of your kitchen. Having to move electrical wiring or add more later can also be expensive. So while it might not be the most exciting aspect of your renovation to focus on, it’s really important not to overlook it.


A full kitchen renovation also involves a whole range of decisions, so it can be great to have some experienced support. Professional designers or architects can take your ideas and incorporate them into a comprehensive plan. They might also be able to recommend ideas that haven’t occurred to you.

Kitchen renovations can also involve complex plumbing and electrical work, so it’s important to consult with professionals about this as well. It’s also important to plan your timeline so that everything is done in the right order. One of the biggest advantages of expert support is that it will help you to avoid mid-work changes. These changes can be very expensive and can cause serious disruptions and delays.

If you’re considering kitchen remodeling in San Jose, make sure to include the considerations we’ve discussed here in your initial plans.

Factoring them in at this stage will be much easier than dealing with them later. It will help you to create the kitchen that you want.

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