How Much Does Remodeling The Bathroom Increase Home Value?

How Much Does Remodeling The Bathroom Increase Home Value? | SOD Home Group

Remodeling your bathroom does more than just add appeal – it takes your home’s value to another level. However, it is important to be mindful of the bathroom upgrades you go for as not all changes offer the same results. If you are interested in getting a high ROI then it is important that you talk to a professional like SOD Home Group.

Our team of professionals will talk to you about bathroom remodeling and answer all questions you may have about the process, including how much it costs to remodel a bathroom and what benefits it offers.

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Bathroom Remodeling And Home Value 

It’s a given that bathroom remodeling adds value to your property and can help it sell faster. Research by HomeLight shows that bathroom remodeling in 2022 can offer an ROI of about 50 percent. This means you will earn $150 for every $100 you spend on bathroom remodeling. Moreover, certain upgrades can even take your ROI to as high as 71 percent.

However, beware that not all remodeling tasks offer the same benefits. It is crucial to plan and be informed when remodeling your bathroom since the smallest change can cause your home’s value to fluctuate significantly.

If you’re new to bathroom remodeling, you can also visit SOD Home Group’s complete guide to bathroom remodeling to get an idea of what to expect when planning to redesign your bathroom.

Upgrading Your Bathrooms: Dos and Don’ts

We understand you want to get the best out of your bathroom remodeling job. This section will help you determine what to do and what to avoid to get impressive results.

What To Avoid 

Here are a few things to avoid when remodeling your bathroom:

  • Remove The Bathtub 

Oftentimes, people tend to remove the bathtub and replace it with a stand-alone shower instead. While this could prove to be useful if you prefer showers over bathtubs, it could risk a drop in your home’s resale value and you can end up losing potential buyers. This is because buyers prefer homes with a bathtub. However, consider upgrading the bathtub if it does not look good.

  • Install Uncommon Tiles 

We know that homeowners want to go for something unique when it comes to bathroom remodeling, however, tiling is a complicated case. Home buyers look for simple and clean tiling in bathrooms and do not like very complicated designs. It might be a good idea to seek professional help when selecting tiles for your bathroom.

  •  Adding Gold Fixtures 

Gold fixtures are not suitable for all bathrooms. They only look good when the entire aura is grand, so think twice before choosing this option.

  • Going For Carpeted Flooring 

Carpeted flooring is not made for bathrooms. It is hard to maintain and could reduce the value of your house so avoid it at all costs.

What To Go For

Certain bathroom upgrades will boost your resale value and attract homebuyers in the process. These include:

  •  Vanity With Double Sinks 

A vanity with double sinks is an appealing feature that will attract buyers due to the extra space it provides. Homebuyers that may share the bathroom with someone on a daily basis will especially appreciate it and this could take your home value up. However, this option may only be suitable for bathrooms that are big enough to accommodate a vanity with two sinks.

  • Functional Lighting 

Sophisticated and functional lighting is another bathroom upgrade that will add to the value of your home. Good lighting can make your bathroom stand out and attract buyers. If done right, lighting could offer an ROI of up to 70 percent.

  • Storage Space 

Storage space can be a useful feature. A bathroom with extra storage will add to the bathroom’s functionality and win buyers over. You can increase storage space by adding built-in shelves, cabinets, drawers, etc. However, make sure these additions do not make the bathroom look tiny.

  • Efficient Exhaust Fan 

Installing an efficient exhaust fan can help reduce moisture and increase ventilation in the bathroom. This will add to the bathroom’s practicality and overall value. However, the opinion on exhaust fans is divided as poorly installed fans can negatively impact your home’s value and result in noise. Hence, be very careful and only pick a reliable contractor to install an exhaust fan in your bathroom.

  • Transom Window 

A transom window can be a great addition to your bathroom since it can provide a way for natural light to come in. A window will also help in reducing moisture and humidity, and make your bathroom feel more spacious.

  • Electrical Outlets 

Many people don’t consider the value of adding electrical outlets when remodeling a bathroom. Electronic outlets can be highly beneficial and make it easier to connect electric shavers, electric toothbrushes, etc. Just make sure to place them wisely.

How Much Does Remodeling The Bathroom Increase Home Value? | SOD Home Group

How To Choose The Best Remodeling Contractors? 

Now that you know what to avoid and what to add when remodeling your bathroom, it is time to talk about how to choose a reliable remodeling contractor. There are many companies out there and while they all claim to be the ‘best’, they’re not made equal.

Here’s how you can identify reliable contractors:

  • Check Online Reviews 

About 90 percent of people go to the web to check online reviews and know more about what others have to say about a business. This can be a safe way to know how good or bad a company is. Do not just look at testimonials found on the official site but also check third-party platforms such as Facebook and Google as reviews on these platforms can be harder to fake.

  • Be Informed About Your Project 

It is important to be informed about the type of upgrades you want and to know what to expect when hiring a contractor. We suggest that you do a bit of homework and understand exactly what you are looking for and then try to find a contractor who specializes in the services that you need.

  • Look At Past Work 

A contractor’s past work can help you understand what they bring to the table. Ask for a portfolio or check their official site or social media handle for more.

  • Verify Insurance, Certifications, Licensing, And Permits 

When hiring a remodeling contractor, it is imperative to ask for proper licenses, permits, certifications, and insurance to establish whether the contractor can work in your home community or not. Only work with contractors who meet all legal requirements.

Do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals if you’ve been thinking about remodeling your bathroom lately. SOD Home Group has been serving customers across San Jose, Los Angeles, and Irvine for years and can provide you with all the consultation you need before setting on remodeling your bathroom.

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