How to Make a Room Addition to Your House?

How to Make a Room Addition to Your House? | SOD Home Group

With the services of a professional home remodeling company, it is possible to extend your home with a range of room additions. From larger bathrooms and kitchens to additional living spaces and bedrooms.

In this article, we will answer a few frequently asked questions about the benefits of a room addition project, tapping into expert knowledge from professionals to provide greater insight.

How much does it cost to add a room to a house?

According to surveys, adding a room to your house in the USA will usually cost between $80 – $200 per square foot. However, the price is largely dictated by the extent of the work and the quality of the materials and fittings. Labor costs can also fluctuate depending on where you are located.

For example, a high-end kitchen extension that requires alterations to plumbing will cost much more than a simple bedroom addition.

Using a median price of $140 per square foot, a 20×20 foot room addition would cost in the region of $56,000.

Is adding on to your house worth it?

Room additions are definitely worth it if you are looking to add value to your home and create extra, functional space. A room addition is a great investment that can significantly improve a property in terms of convenience and space.

This sort of project allows you to leave your own mark on the property, creating a room that perfectly fits your requirements, decorated to your tastes. If space is at a premium in your current home, whether the kitchen is too small or you need an extra bedroom or bathroom, a room addition is a worthwhile undertaking.

Does a Room Addition add more Value to a House?

Yes, a room addition is one of the best ways to add value to your home, but obviously the size of the addition and the quality of the work will dictate how much. It is always recommended to conduct thorough researching when selecting a contractor to carry out the work, as this is a major project that requires considerable expertise and experience.

Let’s take a look at 4 possible room additions and what sort of return on investment they can yield.

  • A bedroom addition can offer a return value of around 55%.
  • A kitchen addition can offer a return on investment of between 60-80%.
  • A bathroom addition can also offer a return value of between 60-80%.
  • A sun room addition has an average return value of around 60%.

Click here to find out more about your room addition options.

How can I expand my Kitchen?

In this section, we will outline 7 clever ways to expand your current kitchen.

  1. Consider a side return if you are working with a small space. This type of extension is a great option to turn a modest kitchen into an open plan area. A side return is ‌the addition of choice if you have a narrow area running down the side of your house, as this way you are not taking up any of your garden.
  2. Glass room additions are a modern and stylish way of extending your kitchen. As you may expect, this kind of addition is literally a glass box that is constructed at the end of your kitchen to provide more space and bring in more light. Perfect for a contemporary home.
  3. Add a small conservatory for additional storage and utilities. Conservatories are traditionally used as an extra living space, a sunroom, or a dining area, but a conservatory could also be used for a clever kitchen extension.
  4. If floor space isn’t the issue but your kitchen is dark and claustrophobic, then you could add extra height to your kitchen with a pitched roof design. This will provide plenty of head space and allow tons of natural light to flood your kitchen. The addition of wooden beams could also add a more rustic look.
  5. The installation of sliding patio doors, combined with new decking, can help to connect your kitchen with your outdoor space. Not only will these doors provide a lot of light, but on sunny days, you will have easy access to your outdoor dining area.
  6. Creating a galley kitchen by extending into redundant space, with the installation of glass doors and a skylight, can result in a light and airy addition that can give you the option of an open plan design.
  7. Zoning is the practice of sectioning off your kitchen into small areas to serve different functions. With intelligently placed dividers, you can make the room appear visibly larger. For this sort of design, it is recommended to consult with an interior designer who can advise on how to best use the available space.
How to Make a Room Addition to Your House? | SOD Home Group

What are some Professional Tips for a Bathroom Addition?

As expert bathroom remodelers, SOD Home Group has seen all there is to see in terms of bathroom additions and the things that can go wrong. That’s why we have put together this short list of hints and tips for a successful bathroom addition.

  • Check online for salvaged materials when remodeling your bathroom, such as sinks and timber, to be used for shelving. This can result in big savings.
  • Opt for recessed shelving in walls to offer space for storage. A great way to declutter your bathroom.
  • Moving the bath can have a big impact in terms of changing the layout of a bathroom. However, moving things like a toilet or sink might not be worth the hassle when extending your bathroom.
  • Consider a simple design to keep costs down and achieve a modern look. Concrete is one versatile material that is being used a lot in new bathrooms for its durability and industrial style.
  • Patterned tiles can turn a sterile bathroom into a stylish one. Consider blending Victorian or Mediterranean floor tiles, with white subway tiles on the walls for a striking contrast.
  • Mirrors. Mirrors are one of the best tools you have for making a small bathroom appear larger.

Is it possible to add a Family Room to a house?

Of course, whether you are looking to add a family room, extend your living room, or add a second living room, there are numerous options that you can consider. One of the best ways to accommodate a new family room is by remodeling your garage or basement, as this is often a spacious but sometimes redundant area that could be given a new lease of life.

Where should I add a Living Room to my House?

As mentioned above, we would recommend a garage or basement remodel for your living room addition. Converting these areas would provide minimal disruption to your home life and it can be a more cost-effective option when compared to a home addition, which may require structural work to be completed.

Another option may also be a conservatory, connecting you and your family to your garden and allowing you to enjoy natural light in a peaceful setting.

If you are looking for a room addition contractor, get in touch with SOD Home Group which has been helping Californians extend their homes since 2008.

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