Inexpensive Bathroom Remodeling and Renovation Tips

Inexpensive Bathroom Remodeling and Renovation Tips | SOD Home Group

Your bathroom might be in desperate need of a facelift but a lack of savings means hiring a professional contractor to complete a full remodel is out of the question. Therefore, you could be considering attempting to do the work yourself, and what can be done to improve the look of your bathroom without significant spending.

We will talk you through how to upgrade your bathroom without spending thousands of dollars, identifying small changes that can be made that will make a world of difference.

What is the most expensive aspect of a bathroom remodeling project?

It is hard to pinpoint a single aspect that will drive up the costs of a bathroom model, however, the most expensive parts of such a project are generally the costs of labor, the plumbing and any substantial tilework.

Another factor that can top these costs is whether or not you are planning to completely change the layout of your bathroom, but in terms of this article, let’s assume you are not contemplating anything as significant and fittings will remain where they are.

So how can we update a bathroom with minimal labor costs, avoid expensive tilework, and keep the layout, fittings, and plumbing as it is?

How can you update an old bathroom without remodeling it?

Updating a bathroom so it looks brand new without paying for a full-scale remodel may require a little ingenuity and think outside of the box. In this section, we will consider a few actions you can take to modernize and beautify your bathroom without any extensive renovation work.

  1. Replace the faucets of your bathtub and sink, with a matching toilet handle to give the impression of a brand new bathroom set. You could also consider respraying your existing fittings in a bold, new color.
  2. Removable floor tiles are a new trend amongst renters who want a temporary solution to their ugly bathroom floor. Many of these removable tiles are high quality and although temporary, can still offer a long lifespan and look just as good as permanent floor tiles. You could also consider a range of different tiles to create unique patterns.You can also buy large sheets of tile-effect or faux-wood floor covering that can be cut to match the floor space of your bathroom – another cheap alternative to re-flooring.
  3. Add a feature wall as a focal point of the room. Water-resistant wallpaper, reclaimed wood, or extravagant tiles can help to give your bathroom some character.As an alternative to a feature wall, you could also incorporate artwork to create your own gallery, really stamping your personality on the room at a minimal cost.
  4. Greenery can also give your bathroom a fresh, natural atmosphere, as well as bringing some much needed color as a contrast against a slightly clinical, white room.
  5. Considering a backsplash for your sink area? Did you know you can buy peel & stick backsplashes that look just as good as permanent tiles? This can also be finished off with a peel & stick mirror frame.
  6. Add stylish cabinets, shelving, or a decorative chair/ table to add some elegance to the bathroom. Bathroom furniture is a modern trend that can help to create a more relaxing, homely atmosphere.
  7. Upgrading your lighting can have a big impact on your bathroom. Energy-efficient LED lighting is much more versatile than traditional light bulbs and can be fitted with a dimmer switch, helping towards a more relaxing bath time.Fitting lights in recesses, and combining warm and white bulbs can help create a spa-like experience so you can fall back in love with your bathroom.
  8. Invest in a fancy new rug, shower curtain and bath mat. A small improvement that has a big impact visually. You could also buy a number of colorful accessories for a little eccentricity.
Inexpensive Bathroom Remodeling and Renovation Tips | SOD Home Group

Can a Small Bathroom Remodel add value to your home?

Even a small bathroom remodel or renovation can add value to your property, even if the work was done inexpensively. A small bathroom remodel can cost less than $10,000 and offer a great return on investment of up to 60%.

A minor bathroom facelift can also add some value to your home but of course, the ROI will not be as substantial. When selling your home, the appearance of the bathroom is a key factor for anyone looking to buy the property, so ensure your bathroom is in a good condition before putting your house on the market.

Read more about bathroom remodeling options.

What are the Pros and Cons of converting a Bathtub into a Walk-in Shower?

Considering replacing your bath with a walk-in shower? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

Pros of a Walk-in Shower

  • Walk-in showers are much more accessible than getting in and out of the bath, especially if you are of advancing years or have back trouble. You could also consider installing a shower seat.
  • Make room for additional storage options such as shelving or a bench.
  • Increase the floorspace of your bathroom.
  • Create a modern and stylish focal point with a nicely tiled corner shower.
  • An attractive feature for a lot of potential buyers.

Cons to getting rid of your Bathtub

  • Having a bathtub in your home increases the property’s value, so you should think twice if you are removing the one and only bathtub in the house. If you plan to sell in the future then this could deter a number of potential buyers.
  • Removing the bathtub and installing a walk-in shower will require a financial investment, so you should establish whether the project is something you definitely need, or if it is just a ‘nice to have’.
Inexpensive Bathroom Remodeling and Renovation Tips | SOD Home Group

DIY Bathroom Improvements

There are plenty of bathroom improvements that you can do yourself without the services of a contractor. Below is a list of fun and achievable bathroom DIY projects you can consider to try and upgrade and stylize your bathroom.

  1. Construct or upcycle a rustic shelving ladder as a novel but useful feature. It can be used to hang towels and store bath products, and would cost little to nothing.
  2. You can go one step further and build shelving from reclaimed wood to match your new storage ladder for a farmhouse style.
  3. Use old jars as holders for things like toothbrushes, plants, or anything else that needs a home in your bathroom. You could even paint them to match the color scheme of the room.
  4. Use rope to wrap things like the waste basket or exposed pipes.
  5. Paint old cabinets to establish an overall style for the bathroom. If you are adding rustic wood touches, then stick with a farmhouse palette such as a subtle blue.
  6. Buy faux stone veneer to use as a bath surround and/ or backsplash. It is extremely easy to cut and fit and is easily removed if you fancy a change later down the line.
  7. Collect pebbles and stones to create a unique shower floor as a low-cost alternative to tiles.
  8. A cleaned up wooden pallet is a very versatile item that can be used for a range of DIY projects. Perhaps add clothes hooks to one, with a nice, clean, white frame to hang on the wall as a towel rack.

Thank you for reading. If you require more than some simple DIY hacks and are considering a bathroom remodel in the near future then get in touch with SOD Home Group today to discuss your options. 

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