What Do People Often Forget When Planning A House Construction?

What Do People Often Forget When Planning A House Construction? | SOD Home Group

Planning the construction of a house can be a daunting prospect, with a large number of things to consider, including potential challenges, and how the project will impact your daily life. However, house construction is also one of the most rewarding projects you are likely to undertake in your life, and it is important that you enjoy the process.

In this article, we will consider what people forget when planning a house construction, helping you create a clear plan so everything can go smoothly.

What to consider when planning a Construction Project?

As an experienced home construction company, SOD Home Group have worked with countless clients to deliver their dream home. This means we have seen every obstacle and situation there is, and more importantly, how to overcome them. With this experience, we have compiled 9 things to think about before you plan your first house construction.

Here are our 9 key considerations when constructing a house:

  1. Your Schedule isn’t set in stone

    In some cases, a house build can stretch to the best part of a year, even if your initial timeline suggests around 8 or 9 months. This is because there are many things that are out of your control, so it is advised to treat your timescales more as a general guideline rather than a concrete plan.

    Factors such as disruptive weather, yet-to-be-discovered site problems, illness, and more can all extend the project’s end date.

  2. Consider your future needs

    When building a house, it is sensible to think about what your requirements may be in the future. For example, your ideal house in your 20s is unlikely to be the same when you are in your late 30s and you potentially have children to consider.

    Think about additional bedrooms, second bathrooms, and utility rooms that could come in handy should your family grow.

  3. Storage

    When you are planning the exciting features of your home and what you can do with the space, it is easy to forget about storage. This can cause a lot of issues further down the line that could have been easily avoided.

    You will want to keep your new home tidy and free of clutter, so make sure you allocate enough space to store infrequently used items.

  4. Choose your contractor wisely

    When hiring a contractor, it is vital that you conduct extensive research to make sure they tick all the boxes. Not only can you run the risk of hiring a cowboy who will not do the work properly, but if something goes wrong, there may be a chance that you lack the relevant insurance. Always check reviews, ask for a portfolio of previously completed work, and insist on references.

  5. Do the simple jobs yourself

    There are lots of ways you keep costs down and one way is to complete some of the minor jobs yourself. This can include painting and decorating or tiling. Not only will you get satisfaction from playing your part, but you will also have extra dollars in the bank.

  6. Avoid Bold Colors

    It is tempting to showcase your artistic flair when decorating your new home, opting for brave color schemes that can quickly lose their charm. By opting for white or neutral colors for your initial color scheme, you can easily implement more color with your furniture and features.

  7. High-Quality Fittings are worth it

    Investing in quality fixtures is definitely worth it in the long run, as these are parts of your home that will stick around for years to come, unlike accessories and furniture. Even when your house is given a new paint job, the fittings are likely to remain the same, so choose ones that are durable.

  8. Unexpected Costs

    You can plan your costings to the finest detail but you can still be sure a few unexpected costs will surface along the way, even if they are only minor. There may be numerous trips to the hardware store to buy things like sandpaper, tape, washers, screws, and more.

    Because of this, we would always advise keeping a small pot of money aside for any little costs that may crop up.

  9. Make sure everything is finalized before you move in

    Finally, and maybe a somewhat obvious point, but before you move into your home, make sure everything is completely finished. If you still have contractors coming and going in the first few months of enjoying your new home then it can really take the shine off things.

What Do People Often Forget When Planning A House Construction? | SOD Home Group

Challenges when Constructing a House

We’ve talked about what to consider when planning the construction of a new house, so now let’s focus on the challenges and the things that could potentially go wrong.

Challenges that could impact the success of a house construction project include:

  • A poorly devised budget that does not take everything into account
  • A lack of budgeting. This can result in costs spiraling out of control
  • Unprofessional design plans that are difficult to follow
  • Not obtaining the correct building permits, or delaying the application
  • Failing to order the necessary materials or equipment ahead of time
  • Issues with the site that delay the project start date
  • Unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters or changes in the market

Many projects of this type manage to avoid major problems but as we have previously discussed, many things simply cannot be controlled. However, with thorough planning and completing certain tasks well ahead of time, you can give the project the best possible chance of being completed on schedule, without exceeding your budget.

Read more about the risks involved during a house construction project.

How to pick a Reliable House Construction Company

If you are based in California, then you can be assured that SOD Home Group can provide the best possible construction and remodeling services in the state. We are fully licensed, experienced, and reliable, having built a strong reputation from San Jose to LA.

Feel free to get in touch for more information about our home-building services.

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