Why Is Kitchen Layout so Important?

Kitchen remodeling in San Jose is a demanding and complex process that requires some knowledge and skills. There are simply no one-size-fits-all interior kitchen design rules, as every homemaker has their own ideas about comfort, convenience, and functionality. As a rule, people are guided by these basic criteria in kitchen planning: technical features of the room and their own tastes. However, finding the ideal solution is worth taking some advice from a professional remodeling contractor in San Jose.

Home Improvement will depend on factors such as the number of family members living in the flat, the shape and size of the room, its location in the home, and so on.

When you start the kitchen renovation, you need to look at more than just the appliances, the materials used for the fronts, and the countertops. It’s all about choosing the right layout, making the most efficient use of available floor space.

Here’s how you can organize your furniture and what you need to consider to create a nice, comfortable kitchen interior design. The arrangement should be in the following order:

  1. the refrigerator;
  2. the sink is placed in the middle;
  3. and then the cooker. 

This is due to the natural ordering, meaning that food is first in the fridge, taken out, washed, and then cooked. If you are right in the middle of your kitchen remodeling and wonder which layout would look the best, keep on reading!

Aisles in the kitchen layout

These days, pieces of furniture are not placed where they should be, but where it is convenient. When it comes to the fridge, there is always a question, where to put it. Here are some facts about this kitchen giant:

  1. The refrigerator should be placed closer to the sink than to the cooker. It can also be hidden behind a cabinet door if you have a bespoke kitchen setup.
  2. The preferable place to put your fridge is in a corner. It takes up little space and does not obstruct the path. Often, it is placed next to a door with a straight wall and a corner — efficient use of niches and protrusions. 

Where to install the sink?

There are several ways to position the sink in the kitchen. The most common one, which will work with any layout, is to place it straight. This is the only way to go in a linear kitchen. The sink is positioned centrally between the refrigerator and the cooker. It can be rectangular, square, or circular.


The more drawers are there in cabinets, the more things you can store. Wall-mounted and pull-out drawers are the most practical option. The pull-out drawer shelves should pull out completely.

Drawers are good for the use of space and keeping items in place. The cooking process must be a joy, so you don’t want to worry about the items falling over; it’s perfect when the drawers can be pulled all the way out so that you can easily see what’s inside.


Multiple outlets make it more convenient to use electrical appliances. Before you start planning your kitchen, think about the number and position of the outlets:

  • washing machines and dishwashers are also often installed in the kitchen. They should not be placed close to the cooker because, despite the thermal insulation, heat can still adversely affect the operation of the appliance;
  • the appliances can either be built-in or positioned under a countertop that has no pallets.

Choosing the right kitchen layout depends on the size of the room, the shape of the room, the number of appliances and kitchen accessories.

Kitchen addition

Linear kitchen

The most economical kitchen layout option is straight, with the worktop extended along one wall. It’s used in smaller rooms to save square footage and make room for a dining area. It’s also suitable for those who don’t do much cooking and keep their kitchen utensils to a minimum.

A corner kitchen

L-shaped kitchens work well in big and small spaces alike. It makes the most functional use of space. If the room is small, the worktop is a standard width, where the sink and cooker are positioned. The second part can be either 50 or 45 cm narrower. If there is enough space in the middle, there is space for a dining area.

A closed corner often requires additional lighting, and corner solutions are more difficult to produce, which affects the price of the set.

Kitchen with breakfast bar

This stylish layout is ideal for studio flats and other open-plan environments such as loft and high-tech. It is usually custom made, as the materials and design of the furniture have to match the overall concept of the room. The bar serves not only as a dining table but also as a comfortable work surface.

santa monica - kitchen island

Kitchen with an island

An island design makes the most of an ergonomic kitchen layout, shortening the distance between the cooker, sink, and worktop. It reflects the modern aesthetic of open-plan living that makes dual-purpose furniture a must. They are suitable for the kitchen, dining room, and living room and are often located at the junction of different functional areas.

What to consider: stand-alone kitchen furniture is suitable for spaces of 15 square meters or more; otherwise, space will feel cluttered and uncomfortable to move around.  

Kitchen with a peninsula

This is a layout where the worktop is placed against a wall. It is usually chosen when the size of the room is insufficient to accommodate an island. It provides additional opportunities to prepare food and, at the same time, creates a sufficiently comfortable dining area. Suitable for almost any interior style.

Parallel kitchen

When the room is shaped like an elongated rectangle and used solely for cooking, positioning the kitchen furniture in two parallel rows is extremely practical. Often this is part of a remodeled flat, where the kitchen is combined with part of the corridor. One side is used as a working surface, and the second wall is the refrigerator and cupboards.

U-shaped kitchen

The perimeter arrangement of the furniture is useful if the room is very large so that the dining table and chairs can be seated comfortably in the center of the room. The result is a kitchen that is a comfortable place to cook and a comfortable place for the whole family to get together for dinner. It is often used in open-plan flats to separate the kitchen from the living room visually. In this case, one of the sides can be a peninsula.

Unfixed (free standing)

Such a design fits those who want to create a flexible kitchen layout. This arrangement gives freedom of movement. For example, the interior often features mobile sideboards, dressing tables, chairs, and even a table. This mobility is attractive because the interior is constantly changing.


  • freedom of action;
  • freedom of movement; 
  • possibility of moving any piece of furniture around at any time;
  • you’re not bored with the same layout.

Built-in appliances save a lot of space, which is why each appliance is best purchased in this configuration. The narrower models are also preferable. The choice on the market today is vast, so choosing the right one is not too difficult.

Kitchen Remodeling


Thus, the kitchen layout is quite important. Use all the possible tips and tricks to make your kitchen comfortable for you. Be free to implement your craziest ideas, be it regular or outdoor kitchens.

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