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Custom Home Builder

Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling

Custom Home Remodeling

Custom Home Remodeling

Custom Home

A custom home is the ultimate comfort zone for you, your family and guests. It’s where you feel in your element anywhere you go – and there is no place like it on Earth.

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Custom Home

Room Addition

Adding a new functional room is the most effective way to transform your home, without the heavy financial burden.
Kitchen Addition
Bathroom Addition
First & Second Floor Addition
Basement Addition

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Room Addition - San Jose

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Whether you call them backyard cottages, granny flats, laneway houses, or DADUs, adding a detached accessory dwelling unit is the most effective way to make your home more accommodating.

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Accessory Dwelling Unit

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My wife and I knew it's time to build a garage, but the experience our neighbors went through held us back a few years. Then our friend Jerry recommended SOD; and our life has been better since. Having direct access to the kitchen from the car is simply a dream.
Shery Bar, SoCal
We just had our firstborn and knew the time has come to build a new home. We shopped around for a contractor for months, but no one really struck us as trustworthy enough. Ironically, we stumbled across SOD while searching the net. Something about their 'carefree moments that last a lifetime' appealed to us. Clicking that ad was the smartest thing we did.
Dion Mora, SoCal
Like in many families, our home too suffered from the morning bathroom bottleneck. As if the traffic awaiting us on the way to work wasn't enough. Our oldest daughter suggested we convert our hallway closet room to another bathroom. We contacted SOD, got a fair estimate, and life in the morning is so much more pleasant when there is less stress.
Max Lear, NoCal
When we built our home, the budget was too tight to allow us the luxury of a grand garage. But soon after we settled down, we contacted SOD again for an estimate. A expected, the pricing was more than reasonable and the level of service puts them in a class of their own.
Kiryon Lemani, NoCal


Best of Houzz 2013-2022
Super Service Award 2013-2022

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    Best ways to expand your home

    Home improvement is not as much about an improved home design, as it is about making life easier. That’s why, extended comfort sometimes equates to an expanded home.

    Classy Interior Design

    Based on your needs and wants, there are several ways in which you can add more to your house, and turn it into the home of your dreams – spacious and with a classy interior design. – Home impro

    Residential Remodeling Company

    SOD Home Group is here to give you all the details you need on how to expand your home, while making the best of your property overall.

    Here are the best ways to turn your house into a bigger, custom home:

    1. Room addition

    A great way to add more space is by having a room addition attached to your home.

    Also known as a house bump or bump out, it can serve as a second bedroom, or another bathroom, or it can even serve as an expansion to an existing house area (e.g. an expanded kitchen).

    Room Addition

    Most likely, your new room addition will share the same type of siding as the rest of the house, but the roofline will be a different style, either a flat roof, or a shed type of roofing.

    2. Accessory dwelling Unit (ADU)

    An accessory dwelling unit is basically a secondary, fully-independent house, which shares the same building lot with your home.

    Build | SOD Home Group

    An ADU can either be connected, or separated from the main house, with its own separate entrance, self-contained kitchen, living area, and sanitary group.

    Besides being a great house guest, an accessory dwelling unit can also be put out for rent, with the margins of profit depending on initial investment, tax bills, and property market needs of the area you’re living in.

    Remodeling Contractor - San Jose

    The size and style of an ADU is limited by zoning laws, and there’s also the requirement for the house owner to live on that property.

    That’s why consulting with a reputable building construction company is advised, so you can make sure that things proceed in a timely manner even from the design stage of your project.

    Get in touch today, and find out how our expert custom home builders will tackle your project!

    3. Kitchen addition

    A kitchen addition is the type of home improvement favored by most homeowners. After all, who doesn’t want a bigger kitchen?

    Build | SOD Home Group

    Depending on how much extra space you need, you have two kitchen addition options:

    A. A full addition – basically creating another room adjoined to your existing kitchen

    Build | SOD Home Group

    • Offers all the expand space you need
    • Will require a layout change in electricity, plumbing and gas
    • Surprisingly, it can be cheaper to build on a per square foot basis

    B. A bump out – which increases the size of the kitchen just enough to add new features

    Build | SOD Home Group

    • Less expensive than a full addition
    • Does not occupy as much outside space
    • It can share the same layout for plumbing, electrical, and gas

    Planning a kitchen addition means there are many details related to interior design, as well as functionality since your kitchen will need to be practical, as well as comfortable.

    Here’s an SOD list of steps to make planning out your ideal kitchen easier:

    • Browse around and collect new ideas
    • Settle on a concrete interior design
    • Check out if your vision conforms to zoning regulations
    • List the things you want to improve
    • Consider the functionality of your improvements
    • Determine priorities and establish a budget
    • Make a list of home builders in your area to choose from
    Build | SOD Home Group

    4. Bathroom addition

    A bathroom addition does not necessarily have to be an expansion to your house.

    A new, fully-functional bathroom can be set-up in strategic places of your home, by repurposing areas such as: the end of a hallway, under the stairs area, large closets, bedroom areas.

    Build | SOD Home Group

    One thing to have in mind is your current plumbing system, since planning a bathroom in a certain area might prove too costly from that perspective.

    5. Basement addition

    A basement addition can increase the usable size of your living area by as much as 50% without the need to extend your property.

    Remodeling Contractor - San Jose

    Yet, not every house can support this type of house improvement, so consult with a building construction company before planning out, in order to assess the possibility of a basement addition.

    Remodeling Contractor - San Jose

    If you have green lights to proceed, a basement can serve many purposes, from storage to being converted into a hangout, cinema or music room – with the mention that basements are great at muffling down loud noises.

    6. Second-floor addition

    Though a bit more expensive than adding to your home at ground level, a second-floor addition is a great way to obtain more living space, without chipping away from your yard.

    Build | SOD Home Group

    Before planning such a home improvement, you would have to check your house is built in such a way to support an extra floor, as well as knowing if building regulations in your area allows this type of custom home expansion.

    Build | SOD Home Group

    If the overall house structure allows it, a multiple floor addition is not much different than our previous point on the list. Even more, a two-floor extension is not a lot more expensive than a single-floor addition.

    An addition to your home is a great way to offer more usable space, create comfort, increase the value of your property, and even improve your home design.

    Build | SOD Home Group

    Yet, like any construction work, all the additions from our list, including smaller bump outs, are subject to codes, building permits and inspections.

    That’s why, right from the planning phase, opting for professional home builders such as SOD Home Group is the smart choice to make.

    SOD will save your time, and even overall budget for a carefree home improvement experience.

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