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    How to plan a custom home addition

    A custom home construction seems easy on paper. Yet from dream to reality, there are a multitude of factors that you need to consider for a successful home improvement.

    Custom Home | SOD Home Group

    From knowing if your house allows a basement addition, to assessing the best place to build a second bathroom, or what type of kitchen addition you need, this article will give some valuable insights to turn your custom home plans into reality.

    Custom Home | SOD Home Group

    So here’s what you need know before starting that custom home addition:

    1. Room addition

    Since a room addition will add more space, and can increase the value of your home, this type of custom home construction is one of the most popular home improvements in California.

    Custom Home | SOD Home Group

    Yet, before jumping with the execution you need to consider the following:

    • If the room addition fits in with the overall home design (a choppy design can actually devalue your home)
    • The purpose of that room addition (so all the necessary utilities are set-up from the beginning)
    • The amount of space extra space you really need (maybe a cost-effective bump out is all that you need)
    Custom Home Design - San Jose

    2. Kitchen addition

    The first thing to have in mind when planning a kitchen addition is knowing the layout of your appliances, so electricity, plumbing and gas can be set up at the beginning of the project.

    Custom Home | SOD Home Group

    Again, the amount of space you need should determine the type of kitchen addition you need:

    • space to move some appliance around in which case a kitchen bump out is advised
    • space for an open custom kitchen for which a room addition is necessary
    Custom Home | SOD Home Group

    One more thing to consider for this type of custom home plans: heating. A big, open-space kitchen addition will also require planning out heating needs for that extra space.

    Get in touch, because we’d love what you planned out for your next home project!

    3. Bathroom addition

    A bathroom addition does not mean that you need to expand your home.

    As long as plumbing allows it, you can place a custom bathroom wherever you can find space for it. Some obvious places would be under the staircase or at an unused end of a hallway. Yet, places like large closets, or as part of a bedroom can also work if you retain a harmonious interior design.

    Custom Home | SOD Home Group

    One thing to remember before making any custom home plans is practicality. That’s why you need to make sure you put that secondary custom bathroom in easy to reach places, where there is a stringent need for this home improvement.

    4. Basement addition

    Custom Home Design - San Jose

    First and foremost, planning out a basement addition should consider these crucial factors:

    1. If the structure of the house allows it
    2. If the soil on which your house is built is the right type
    3. If it’s in accordance with the laws and regulations of your area

    If these three incipient criteria are met, you can then start your custom home plans for a basement.

    Custom Home Design - San Jose

    A basement addition can be turned into any type of room or rooms you want, and there is even the possibility of getting natural light in there if you lower the garden level and create a light well.

    One thing to consider: a basement addition will mean an expenditure bigger than any other custom home construction on our list.

    5. Second-floor addition

    Custom Home Design - San Jose

    When planning a custom home construction of this scale, you need to consider the following:

    • Permission: since not all zones allow such a custom home construction
    • Roofing System: It will need to be in sync with your current roof
    • Design: A botched-up home design will devalue your house
    • Heating and Cooling changes: Your current HVAC will no longer be suitable
    • Energy efficiency: Your eco-friendly house will stay the same only if the first-floor addition is energy efficient as well

    One thing to consider: This type of custom home construction can be very disruptive at times, with most utilities turned off, so plan to relocate somewhere else during the renovation process.

    Custom Home | SOD Home Group

    To ensure that your relocation won’t last more than it should, handle your project to a custom home builders team with proven experience in this type of demanding home improvement.

    Building up VS Building Out

    Custom Home | SOD Home Group

    When deciding between another floor, or a room addition to your house, consider the following:

    • A first floor addition will cost less than adding another floor to your home
    • Building vertically will involve adding a staircase that will occupy a portion of the first floor, thus reducing the overall available space on ground level
    Custom Home | SOD Home Group

    • Expanding outside does not interfere as much with your daily life, since most of the work will be done outside the main areas of your home
    Custom Home Plan

    Though custom home plans of this scale can be lengthy and demanding, that doesn’t mean they also have to be difficult to achieve.

    Our team of experienced custom home builders will make sure that regardless of how ambitious your plans are, they will be accomplished on time, and on budget.

    Because SOD Home Group is here to offer a carefree home improvement experience.

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