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Achieving energy efficiency is one small step for your home, and one giant leap for the environment

energy efficient - san jose

energy efficient - san jose

Solar Installers - San Jose

Solar Installers - San Jose

Energy Saving Home - San Jose

Energy Saving Home - San Jose

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Back Yard Design - San Jose

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Home Remodeling - San Jose

Solar Installers

Our solar installers are masters in the craft, fully certified and committed to all safety codes and regulations.

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solar installers san jose


HVAC systems come in many different types, shapes and sizes, but only one is perfectly suited to your needs.

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From asphalt shingles to clay tile, we offer only the finest quality roofing materials, work and service.

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Siding or wall cladding visually unify the façade of the home while protecting it from extreme weather conditions.

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We knew taking some energy saving steps was the right thing to do, but we were skeptic about it saving any real money. Our neighbor recommended SOD and we knew it's time. Now we can see the monthly savings in the bills with our own eyes.
Chris Laps, SoCal
It took a broken water pipe to warn us that it's time to improve our home and while at it, keep up with the times and switch to some energy saving technologies. SOD explained our options very clearly. The price was reasonable and service was superb.
Jessica Wlake, SoCal
We did our home construction with SOD. Seven years later, we figured it's time to upgrade some of the systems to more eco-friendly solutions. When we heard they also specialize in energy saving, we knew our search for a contractor was over.
Liz Marie, NoCal


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    Smart Energy Saving Solutions For Your Home

    Renovating your home while making some savings along the way sounds ideal. Yet how about making savings even after the renovation is done?

    Energy Saving | SOD Home Group

    If you are interested in how to reduce your energy bills and overall household carbon footprint, the first thing on your mind would be a solar panel installation, and finding a solar system that returns the initial investment within a couple of years.

    Yet, there is a critical aspect of home improvement focused on energy saving ignored by most people:

    An energy saving home means an energy efficient one!

    Energy Saving | SOD Home Group

    So even before you think of that solar Installers, or other advanced home energy saving solutions you need to make sure your home is not an energy waster.

    Two main factors prime when talking about an energy efficient home:

    A. The Roof | B. The siding

    Let’s start with:

    A.The roof.

    1. Energy Saving Roofing

    Roofing Contractors - San Jose

    Why is this so important for energy saving?

    Since a roof breathes (roof ventilation under a roof deck), it’s one the places where HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) energy gets transferred faster between the home environment and the outside conditions.

    For instance, a house in need of a roof repair can cost the homeowner thousands of dollars in HVAC costs if the job is delayed along the years.

    Roofing Contractors - San Jose

    2. Think of installing a cool roof

    Cool roofs are designed to reflect sunlight and absorb less heat than traditional ones, making them ideal in hot, dry climates. It’s the surface that is exposed to the sun which determines how cool a roof actually is.

    Roofing Contractors - San Jose

    Depending on the build and condition of your current roof, you can choose to either refit or replace your roofing in order to achieve top energy efficiency.

    Get in touch and together we can make your home a bit brighter!

    3. Old roofs aren’t designed for solar panel installation

    With that in mind, if your roof doesn’t conform to the standards, there is no roof repair or alterations you can make, having only one suitable option: getting a new roof.

    Solar Installers - San Jose

    At least you’d be pleased to learn that a new roof can return 85% or more of its investment costs back upon resale.

    4. Don’t ignore the gutters!

    Well-maintained gutters are also important for energy savings. If your gutters are full of debris, ice dams will form on your roof top, making your home colder and affecting your solar system.

    Gutter Installation - San Jose

    Problems can also occur if the gutters leaks or if the gutter installation was not done properly in the first place. Even in warm climates, poor gutter maintenance means that residues can accumulate, not allowing the house to ‘breathe’ the way it was intended to.

    So clean your gutters!

    Energy Saving | SOD Home Group

    Now, let’s take a look at the other critical factor for an energy efficient home:

    Exterior Siding - San Jose

    B. The siding

    Since different siding means different energy efficiency, we’ll compare the most popular siding choices and how they influence the home energy saving costs.

    1. Wood Siding

    Though coming in several wood options, by far the most popular wood siding is the cedar siding. No wonder, since cedar is a great, durable insulator.

    Energy Saving - San Jose

    A Cedar siding can withstand warm, hot climates, as well as harsh winter conditions, with the added bonus of offering an elegant outside finish throughout the seasons.

    2. Vinyl Siding

    A good choice for those looking for a budget, versatile solution, a vinyl siding can copy the look of stone, wood, or slate for far cheaper costs than the original materials.

    Exterior Siding - San Jose

    3. Fiber Cement Siding

    Used mainly on a custom home, the fiber cement siding combines the durability of masonry with the elegant looks of shingle, stone or even wood clapboards. Also known as a hardie siding, it offers superior insulation, as well as great resistance to damage.

    Exterior Siding - San Jose

    The main components of a hardie fiber cement siding are quite straightforward – Portland cement, sand, water, and cellulose fibers – and the same applies to layout and installation.

    4. Stucco siding

    Almost similar in composition with fiber cement, stucco siding comes in a larger variety of patterns and applications. From smooth textures, to grainy ones, the stucco finish is quite a versatile touch to any custom home.

    Smart Home - San Jose

    Energy saving-wise stucco siding holds its ground, though the material is prone to chipping and fragmenting, while repairs are not an easy task.

    5. Aluminum Siding

    For those living near the coast, with lots of moisture and salt sprays in the air, aluminum siding can be an ideal choice. Unlike wood – it doesn’t absorb moisture, and unlike steel – it doesn’t rust.

    Solar Installers - San Jose

    One drawback to aluminum siding is that the sheets being so light, they tend to dent or scratch easily.

    Is your home energy efficient? Great!

    Energy Saving | SOD Home Group

    Only now you can think of advanced home energy solutions and their installation.

    Solar installers can be a great way to turn your house green, with the average ROI period in the U.S being about 8 years. Yet again, that only works if your home is at its top energy efficiency levels.

    Solar Installers - San Jose

    At SOD Group we already have those solutions at hand, whether you’re looking to put energy into your home, or save energy wasting and lower the overall carbon footprint of your house.

    energy saving system - san jose

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