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HVAC System - San Jose

HVAC System - San Jose

HVAC System - San Jose

HVAC System - San Jose

HVAC System - San Jose

HVAC System - San Jose


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    Modern HVAC systems for climate control

    Though you may not know for certain what HVAC really means, most certainly you are using some sort of a HVAC system for your home comfort.

    HVAC - San Jose

    The HVAC acronym stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning – a must in today’s definition of comfort. Yet modern comfort also means energy saving, as well easy care and longevity.

    HVAC - San Jose

    HVAC Repair and Installation are extensive tasks, so choosing the right heating and cooling systems in the first place will make a significant difference if you want to turn your house into a truly enjoyable home.

    hvac system San Jose

    Since SOD Group is here to help you enjoy the most out of your home, here is a detailed breakdown of the best heating and cooling choices for your custom home available today.

    Let’s start with the home heating system

    1. Furnace heating system

    This type of heating system works by blowing air through ducts which deliver warmth into the house. A furnace heating system will produce heat by using natural gas, electricity, or fuel oil.

    HVAC System san jose

    The best furnace heating systems have an efficiency of over 90% in translating energy into heat.

    2. Heat Pump System

    Heat pumps use forced-air delivery systems to spread heat throughout the house.

    There are two main types of heat pumps: air source ones that use the outside air as heat source in the winter, and geothermal ones that get their heat from underground.

    HVAC System san jose

    Heat pumps can also be used as a cooling system, pumping the colder air from the underground into the household.

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    3. Boiler heating system

    The most popular choice by far in American households, this type of traditional centralized heating system is coming back into attention with modern, efficient boilers with energy saving features.

    HVAC System san jose

    A modern combi boiler heating system will provide both heating and hot water within a single, energy-efficient unit.

    4. Solar heating System

    A solar heating system is used to heat water for domestic purposes.

    The heat is amassed from the sun though the use of solar collectors fitted on the roof of your house. Water is circulated through well-insulated pipes to a hot water cylinder, where the cold water is pumped to the top of the water store, restarting the entire cycle.

    HVAC System san jose

    This hot water heating system will be a great home improvement in temperate to hot climates that benefit from a lot of sun.

    5. Floor heating system

    A floor heating system will provide heating in a room from the floor up, offering a steady flow of warmth.

    There are two types of radiant floor heating systems: electric and water-based. The electric heats wiring beneath the floor to produce heat, while water systems run hot water through pipes in order to create heat.

    HVAC System san jose

    With an efficient uniform heat spread, floor heating systems provide an energy saving averaging 15% less on your heating bills.

    Moving on the home cooling system

    1. Central AC systems

    Central Air Conditioners are designed to cool your entire house.

    They work by distributing refrigerant cool air to the entire house via ducts. A large compressor unit found outside will be the one in charge of the entire cooling system.

    HVAC System san jose

    Though able to provide optimal temperatures, they’re not energy efficient, contributing to an increased carbon footprint for the entire household.

    2. Room air conditioners

    Room air conditioners are mounted in windows or through walls, working on the same outside compressor principle, but on a much lower scale.

    Scaled to cool just one room, they offer better energy saving results, since the cool air can be focused solely on the house parts you are using.

    HVAC System san jose

    To create a cooling system for a custom house, you would need to acquire a certain number of them based on property size, though individual units will cost less than central cooling.

    3. Water cooling system

    A water cooler system is similar to a traditional AC system, but with the addition of water.

    HVAC System san jose

    It uses a DC inverter technology, which is connected to your cold water supply, just like a washing machine or dishwasher. Everything will be enclosed within the house, with no outside access needed.

    Energy-saving wise, a water cooling system offers fractional usage costs compared to a centralized AC cooling system.

    A word on HVAC Repair and Installation

    A good HVAC system should be fully efficient for about 20 years, so it’s better to make sure that the installation is done properly in order to enjoy a carefree experience throughout its lifetime.

    HVAC - San Jose

    To ensure that you’ve chosen the right contractor to proceed with installation or repair, make sure to ask about licensing, bonding, as well as liability insurance.

    SOD Group has been a benchmark in the industry in terms of best practices ever since 2011, so if you’re looking for a HVAC Installation, or any other type of home improvement, you can count on us.

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