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Roofing Contractor - San Jose

Roofing Contractor - San Jose

Outdoors Design - San Jose

Outdoors Design - San Jose

Roofing Contractor - San Jose

Roofing Contractor - San Jose


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    Roofing essentials 101

    There’s no way around it: roofing systems have become a lot more than a house cover from the outside factors.

    Roofing Contractor - San Jose

    A modern roofing system will contribute to the security, comfort, energy saving, as well the overall aesthetics of a custom home.

    Roofing Contractor - San Jose

    From roof repairs, to installing a new roof, this article will tackle every important aspect of a proper roofing, as well some good to know info if you plan a home improvement.

    1. Roof Repair

    In case of leaks or faulty gutters, a roof repair is necessary. As long as the roof still has its structural integrity intact, there will be no need to install a new roof.

    Depending on the level of damage, the repair might be brief, or the roof needs to be temporarily covered while more extensive works are being handled.

    Roofing | SOD Home Group

    One money-saving advice: handle the roof repair before it becomes an emergency. Otherwise, the cost will be significantly higher.

    2. Roof deck repair

    A roof deck is the backbone of the entire roofing system that connects the roof to the house.

    Roofing san jose

    Here are some clear signs where a roof deck repair is required: leaks, visible holes in the roof, askew shingles, missing shingles, moldy attic, a soft feeling when walking on the roof, damage around gutters.

    Roofing Contractor - San Jose

    According to most roofing contractors, rot is the main reason why roof decks get damaged beyond repair.

    Drop us a line today, and let’s hop on a call to discuss your next home improvement project!

    3. Roof Ventilation

    Though you might not know, roofs are meant to breathe, and act as a gate between the inside of your custom home and the outside factors.

    Roofing Contractor - San Jose

    That’s why appropriate roof ventilation is required, not only for keeping the roof in top conditions, but also the entire house.

    There are two main components of your roofing ventilations:

    Exhaust Vents – that allow hot air to escape your home

    Roofing san jose

    Intake Vents – that allow cold outside air to enter the attic

    Roofing san jose

    The main warning signs for improper roof ventilation are: attic moisture, rust on the metal parts of the roof deck, deteriorated insulation, and cracked shingles.

    4. New Roof Installation

    The typical lifespan of a roof is about 25 years, depending on the materials used. That’s why, in case you bought your house with some years behind, a new roof installation might be necessary.

    Roofing Contractor - San Jose

    Generally, a complete new roof installation takes anywhere between a couple of days and two weeks, depending on the roof area and the type of material used.

    Roofing san jose

    Structural flaws of the roof deck is also a very common reason why a new roof installation is required, so opting for the right roofing company is a must if you want your roof to maintain its warrantee lifespan.

    5. Gutter Installation

    An integral part of the roofing system, a gutter installation needs to be carefully planned since the roof drain pipes are placed in precise locations where water can be directed away from the house.

    Roofing Contractor - San Jose

    Even more, the actual gutter installation is a difficult task, since the gutters need to be sized properly, spaced correctly, pitched accurately, and screwed securely.

    Roofing Contractor - San Jose

    Tip: Metal gutters are the norm in most custom houses, yet a PVC rain gutter, is cheaper compared to metal, has a comparative lifespan, and is easier to install.

    6. Energy Saving Roofs

    As stated in the beginning, roofs are also an integral part of most modern energy saving solutions.

    Cool roofs, also known as white roofs are designed for this exact purpose, being able to repel heat, and reflect up to 65% of the sun rays compared to traditional roofs that average about 15%.

    Roofing san jose

    The way a cool roof works is by having a special white coating applied to the surface exposed to the sun. So technically, most conventional roofs can be converted into cool roofs.

    Roofing san jose

    Tip: In case you plan to use solar panels for energy saving, make sure that your roof can accommodate the solar system, since some roofs are not designed for that.

    7. Some final thoughts

    Even if you think of yourself as a handy person, make no mistake:

    Major roofing repairs or installation are difficult tasks!

    Roofing Contractor - San Jose

    You’d need to make sure you have the proper tools, the proper safety gear (just a ladder might not do), a way to carry all needed materials (it’s not like you can carry them on your back), and also not be afraid of heights.

    Roofing Contractor - San Jose

    There’s also the aspect of having the proper knowhow. For that it takes years of experience and applied knowledge.

    That’s why unless you are 100% sure that you can handle all, you are better off with a professional roofing company.

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    SOD Group is one of the top roofing contractors in California, being able to provide fast and reliable roof installation and repair services, with the warranty of the same carefree experience as with every successful home improvement we attend.

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