Gutter Installation

Making sure that your gutter installation can withstand the elements

Gutter Installation - San Jose

Gutter Installation - San Jose

Gutter Installation - San Jose

Gutter Installation - San Jose

Gutter Installation - San Jose

Gutter Installation - San Jose


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    Top gutter installation tips from SOD

    Gutters are functional roof elements that prove essential in terms of coping with weather factors.

    Gutter Installation - San Jose

    A gutter replacement is the type of essential home improvement that is overlooked by many, but that can have serious consequences on your custom home if done too late.

    Gutter Installation - San Jose

    So before it becomes a bigger issue, plan to have your roofing system in top condition by installing new rain gutters, which will keep water, ice, as well as small debris away from your walls and roof.

    Here’s what you need to know before starting your gutter installation:

    Plan your gutter installation in advance

    Before installing the rain gutters, you need to decide first on the downspouts location, count the needed numbers of end corners and end caps, as well as measure the height of the downspouts.

    Gutter Installation - San Jose

    In terms of total height, downspouts need to be a couple of feet longer than the height of your walls in order for the water to be evacuated properly.

    Have the right equipment for the job

    For a proper job, you would need the right equipment for a correct rain gutter installation service without any delays or other issues.

    Gutter Installation - San Jose

    Here’s a short list of essential tools and protective gear:

    • Step ladder
    • Safety goggles
    • Work gloves
    • Tape measure
    • Markers
    • Power drills
    • Screws, nuts, brackets
    • Construction sealants
    • Caulking gun
    • Tin cutters

    Get in touch for a friendly chat, and let’s talk more about your next home renovation project!

    Think drainage first when installing a new roof

    As stated before, when installing a new roof make sure that the roofing system will have downspouts planned out in detail before the actual installation process.

    Gutter Installation - San Jose

    That’s because the water needs to flow at least five feet away from your house, otherwise you risk the creation of puddles, or even worse, flooding your house.

    Gutter Installation - San Jose

    Also, plan to place the downspouts in inconspicuous locations, since they might affect the exterior design of the house.

    Install elbows and downspouts the right way

    A proper rain gutter installation is about ensuring a functional system that prevents any leaks.

    Gutter Installation - San Jose

    That’s why make sure to install elbow and downspouts with the crimped ends facing down.

    Start joining sections from the ground up

    It is a lot easier to join gutters sections from the ground up than the other way around.

    Gutter Installation San Jose

    Start your rain gutters from below and tweak them while on the ladder to join with the rain gutter installation already placed on your roof.

    Hang the gutters properly

    Though you might be tempted to think otherwise, gutters shouldn’t be installed right at the roof’s edge, but actually a couple of inches below it.

    Gutter Installation - California

    A rain gutter installation that is too high would make the water drip down the backside which in turn will make the structure underneath slowly deteriorate.

    Keep the seams to a minimum

    Since seams are the areas that undergo most damage, plan a gutter installation with as few gutter sections as possible.

    Gutter Installation - California

    Any professional rain gutter installation service will be able to keep the seams to a minimum, and also install seamless gutters that are made specifically for your custom home.

    Use screws instead of rivets

    When installing the rain gutter parts, use screws instead of rivets.

    Gutter Installation San Jose

    This will allow for easier maintenance since you can unscrew downpours and other rain gutter parts and clean them from debris or clogs. The usual choice is the hex screw with the 1/4-in. being the size you’ll most likely need

    Get help

    Gutter installation is never a one man job.

    Gutter Installation - California

    You would need someone around to hold the gutters in place for measuring, cutting, drilling, and handing out the tools without you going up and down the ladder.

    Gutter Installation San Jose

    That’s why, all professional home improvement contractors will send a team to proceed with the gutter installation, otherwise it might turn into a long and tedious process.

    For a complete rain gutter installation service with the guarantee of a job well done, get in touch with SOD Home Group. After all, gutters are an integral part of any roof meant to last and protect your house, so you’d want to make sure everything is done right from the start.

    We have the expertise, and the local team to provide the right type of gutter installation, and the right type of gutters, so your custom home will be protected against all weather conditions.

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