Choose a siding for your home that has the right look without compromising on functionality

Best siding - San Jose

Best siding - San Jose


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    How to choose the right siding

    A siding, also known as a wall cladding, is the material attached to the exterior walls of a house.

    More than exterior design, a house siding is responsible for creating a stable, constant environment on the inside of your home.

    Siding | SOD Home Group

    Besides the obvious aesthetic factor, knowing what exterior siding to get for your custom home project will translate to better household comfort and increased energy saving.

    That’s why you need to make sure that the exterior siding of choice meets the standards in terms of durability, longevity, inside comfort, and exterior design.

    Siding | SOD Home Group

    Here are 7 of the most popular types of siding to choose from:

    1. Stucco Siding

    Traditionally, stucco is a type of cement mixture that is added to sand of limestone.

    Yet nowadays, due to modern materials and new mixing techniques, stucco sidings have become a lot more versatile in terms of outside aspect, while keeping their durability and the ability to let the house breathe.

    Siding | SOD Home Group

    Stucco siding is a cost-effective choice for a home improvement, since it requires little maintenance, while being damage, impact, and fire resistant.

    2. Cedar Siding

    In California, cedar siding is one of the most popular house siding choices around.

    This is mainly due to the enhanced visual appeal cedar siding has on any custom home. Even more, it’s completely biodegradable, being an excellent choice for eco-friendly homes.

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    Since cedar is a flammable material, it needs to be specially treated, with a cedar siding requiring special maintenance for re-staining every three to five years.

    3. Other Wood Siding

    A wood siding can also be sourced from other types of wood: redwood (again, very popular in California), pinewood, cypress wood, and even composite wood material.

    Siding | SOD Home Group

    There’s also thermally modified wood siding that has been modified by superheating without oxygen. It is more durable to outside factors than normal types of wood, but will eventually turn grey when exposed to UV rays.

    Drop us a call because we’ll love to talk more about your next home improvement project!

    4. Vinyl Siding

    An economical choice, a vinyl siding consists of about 80% PVC resin, while the rest are determining materials for durability, flexibility, opacity and color.

    With vinyl being a versatile material, you would have plenty of options in terms of texture and color, being able to imitate other types of siding.

    Siding | SOD Home Group

    The most affordable exterior siding choice on our list, vinyl siding costs on average 26 % less than aluminum and 11% less than cedar, according to most siding contractors.

    5. Aluminium Siding

    Due to its durability in hot, humid environments, an aluminum siding can be a great choice for people living in coastal areas, where salt water gets sprayed in the air.

    Another great advantage of this type of house siding is longevity, with an aluminum siding lasting to about 35 years before a new residing is necessary.

    Siding | SOD Home Group

    An aluminum siding is very recyclable. Since aluminum requires little energy to process, it will not be wasted in a landfill, being converted into new objects with ease.

    6. Fiber Cement Siding

    This type of exterior siding is used on both custom homes, as well as commercial properties.

    Siding | SOD Home Group

    A fiber cement siding has multiple benefits such as impact resistance, fireproof properties, as well as rot and termite resistance – these last being the main factors of its popularity.

    Siding | SOD Home Group

    From an exterior design perspective, you wouldn’t have to worry about the dullness of the material, since the outside finishes can be set up to emulate most types of house sidings on this list.

    7. Hardie Siding

    A hardie siding, is a cement board siding developed by James Hardie, one of exterior siding industry leaders across North America. Appearance wise, it can imitate other, more extravagant materials.

    Siding | SOD Home Group

    Meant to last for around 50 years, this type of siding is resistant to coastal factors such as salt spray, rot and insects. Even more, it’s also storm and fire resistant, making it one of the most durable choices on our list.

    Siding | SOD Home Group

    A hardie siding will require regular repainting, but only once every 10 years.

    There you have it.

    The best choices in terms of exterior siding for your custom house.


    It’s up to you to pick what type of siding is ideal for your home.

    If you need to know more, SOD Group is always here for you with a free expert advice.

    As one of the top siding contractors on the West Coast, we’ll be able to help you choose the perfect siding that fits your needs, as well as your exterior design vision.

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