Aluminum Siding

Go for practicality with an aluminum siding installation from SOD

Aluminum Siding - San Jose

Aluminum Siding - San Jose

Aluminum Siding - San Jose

Aluminum Siding - San Jose

Aluminum Siding - San Jose

Aluminum Siding - San Jose


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    Strengths and weaknesses of aluminum siding

    The most popular choice before the introduction of the vinyl siding, aluminum siding still has its use given the smooth finish, lightweight structure, as well as fast installation process.

    Aluminum Siding - San Jose

    There are several reasons on why this type of siding has been out of favor, with one being related to the fact that it requires regular maintenance even though it’s not a natural material, and the other being that not many people want an industrial type of look to the exterior design of the house.

    Aluminum Siding - San Jose

    Still, aluminum siding comes with its own set of distinct advantages, so if you want to know more about this type of siding, the following article will offer a list of detailed pros and cons, so you can decide for yourself if this type of siding is what you want for your custom home.

    Let’s start with the advantages:

    Aluminum siding is easy to install

    Since it has a lightweight, malleable structure, aluminum siding can be installed in no time at all, without any issues if the siding contractors of your choice are real pros.

    Aluminum Siding - San Jose

    Also, unlike wood sidings that need to be acclimated before mounting to the wall, aluminum siding can be installed the moment your siding arrives at your door.

    Aluminum siding is not affected by moisture

    Unlike wood, aluminum siding does not require any extra care to make it moisture resistant, being a good choice for people living in coastal areas where the level of humidity is increased.

    Aluminum Siding - San Jose

    Even more, it is unaffected by salt spray in the air, so that’s one less concern to worry about when choosing the right siding material.

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    Aluminum siding provides great insulation

    Actually, aluminum has better insulating results than vinyl, so have that in mind when looking for an energy saving material to cover the walls of your home.

    Aluminum Siding - San Jose

    Aluminum siding does not rust

    Unlike steel, aluminum is a rust-free material, so you won’t worry about that.

    Aluminum Siding

    Nonetheless, you plan to have a completely rust-free siding, use the right type of fasteners, be it stainless steel or deep-galvanized screws.

    Aluminum siding is insect-free

    Since we’re talking about a metal here, aluminum siding won’t be affected by insects or rodents, so no special care and maintenance needed for this matter.

    Aluminum Siding

    Still, you’d need to make sure that the wall behind the siding is sealed properly, since small critters might make their home into it.

    Aluminum siding is mold-resistant

    The growth of mold or mildew is very limited on this type of siding material, making it a good choice for people with respiratory conditions or chronic allergy.

    Aluminum Siding

    Yet again, just like mentioned before, the surface underneath the siding will need regular checks for these issues, which will ensure that the air quality of the house is kept at top levels.

    Aluminum is easily recyclable

    If you’re environmentally conscious, and you are looking for a siding material that is easy to recycle, then aluminum is definitely your best pick.

    Aluminum Siding - San Jose

    It takes very little industrial processing to convert it into something else, so you can be sure that this type of material won’t be wasted in a landfill once you decide to opt for a new siding.

    Moving on to disadvantages:

    Aluminum siding is not a ‘wow’ element

    Though there are a variety of aluminum siding patterns and style to choose from, this type of siding is not as impressive as wood siding, or even vinyl siding, having somewhat of a dull look when you stand close to it.

    Aluminum Siding - San Jose

    Aluminum siding dents and scratches easily

    Since the material is so thin, aluminum siding is more sensitive to scratches and dents that may occur because of the weather conditions, or other everyday-life factors.

    Aluminum Siding

    Though small dents can be easily straightened and some scratches polished off, large deformities would require a panel replacement since they cannot be brought back to their original looks.

    Aluminum siding requires regular painting

    Because of direct sunlight exposure the paint over aluminum siding becomes chalky and dull.

    Aluminum Siding - San Jose

    This is due to the fact that the paint doesn’t ‘bond’ to the aluminum surface in the same way it does on other materials.

    Aluminum siding can be noisy

    This is more due to improper installation than a flaw in the material, but aluminum siding can produce muffled dinging or rattling sounds due to weather conditions.

    Aluminum Siding

    Still, with a correct installation, sound issues such as wind making the material vibrate can be avoided, so you can enjoy the peace and quiet of your home.

    Aluminum Siding - San Jose

    As you see, aluminum siding is an exterior design choice that you either like for its unique advantages, or decide to say pass because there are other siding options that fit with your vision.

    Still, if you decided that this type of siding is the one you need, get in touch with SOD Home Group for a fast and correct exterior siding installation.

    We have the team readily available in California, and we also have the knowledge and experience to guarantee a carefree installation process, one that will ensure that your siding will last in pristine condition for years and years to come.

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