Cedar Siding

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    Basic cedar siding installation tips

    Made from one of the most sustainable building materials around, a cedar siding is a sign of value and durability when it comes to exterior design, giving a natural look to any custom home.

    Cedar Siding | SOD Home Group

    As a construction material, cedar is a great natural insulator, as well as a noise-cancelation material, and since it’s a low-density softwood that can be easily handled and applied to most wall surfaces.

    Cedar Siding

    Still, in order to make sure your cedar siding will be in top condition for a lifetime, you need to ensure a correct siding installation, since even small mishaps can chip away the looks and even durability of such a classy home improvement.

    Cedar Siding

    Whether you’re thinking of a cedar shake siding or a cedar lap siding, the below tips and advices will help you get things done right from the start when it comes to a siding installation meant to last.

    Here’s what you need to know for a successful cedar siding installation:

    Allow the wood to get acclimated

    This is the type of preliminary step that makes the difference between professional siding contractors and amateur job doers.

    Cedar Siding

    A cedar siding, as any other type of wood siding needs to be left one or two weeks to be acclimated since it’s bound to change sizes ever so slightly during this time as it adjusts to the new climate.

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    Prepare the wall

    To get your walls ready, you need to apply building wrap to create a water barrier beneath the wooden part of your siding.

    Cedar Siding

    This step is very important especially for a cedar shake siding, since the space under the shingle will tend to become damp otherwise, which could cause serious rot problems in time.

    Caulk the windows and doors

    If you don’t know what caulk means, basically caulking means sealing against leakages using a waterproof material.

    Cedar Siding

    So before the siding installation, use acrylic, silicone, polyurethane, or other caulking materials to seal the gaps around windows and doors that otherwise will leave the siding exposed to potential water intrusion.

    Cedar Siding | SOD Home Group

    Also, make sure not to seal areas that let the natural flow of moisture escape the wall cavity, such as the below windows and door spaces.

    Coat before installation

    Priming your cedar siding will protect the wood from water, as well as keeping insects away.

    Cedar Siding | SOD Home Group

    Depending on the type of finish you are looking for, you can apply a coating stain on all surfaces for a natural look, or use an oil primer if you plan to apply a paint finish to your cedar siding.

    Have space between ground and siding

    Allowing ground clearance will keep your cedar siding safe from rain water hitting the ground and splashing back against the siding, damaging the coating and the wood in time.

    Cedar Siding | SOD Home Group

    For this reason, plan to leave around 15-20 inches between the ground and the first wooden element.

    Leave expansion gaps between siding elements

    Wood is a natural element that will contract and expand during the year because of moisture changes in the air.

    Cedar Siding | SOD Home Group

    In order to keep the expansion gaps to a minimum, plan to the upper part of the siding boards at an angle, to avoid siding elements overlapping one another during expansion periods.

    This technique applies only to cedar lap siding.

    Use the right type of screws or nails fasteners

    In order to ensure durability, and make sure that rust stains won’t affect the looks of your cedar siding, choose the right type of corrosion-resistant fasteners.

    Cedar Siding | SOD Home Group

    Your top picks here should either be stainless steel or deep-galvanized t screws or nails.

    Choose the right type of paint

    The best choice here is an acrylic-latex paint that applies well on the siding, as well as protects the cedar from rot and various funguses. Even more, this type of paint is a coating layer with the longest lifespan among exterior paints.

    Cedar Siding | SOD Home Group

    Still, painting is not mandatory since a cedar siding comes with a natural wooden finish, so it’s a matter of choices if you want to paint your siding or not.

    Cedar Siding | SOD Home Group

    Installing cedar siding is the type of home improvement that will add value and style to your custom home.

    Cedar Siding

    For a professional cedar siding installation process that will ensure the longevity of your siding application, get in touch with SOD Home Group.

    We’re one of the top siding contractors found locally in California, and we have experienced teams in both cedar shake siding and cedar lap siding installation.

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