Stucco Siding

Variety and durability with stucco siding installation from SOD

Stucco Siding - San Jose

Stucco Siding - San Jose

Stucco Siding - San Jose

Stucco Siding - San Jose

Stucco Siding - San Jose

Stucco Siding - San Jose


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    Stucco Siding 101

    Stucco sidings have made a comeback in home remodeling projects in recent years since it’s an easy, flexible, and durable way to enhance the exterior design of a custom home.

    Stucco Siding - San Jose

    Typically, a stucco house siding is done by having a wooden wall covered with galvanized metal screening covered with stucco, which is construction material made of aggregates, binder, and water.

    Stucco Siding - San Jose

    What’s great about this type of siding is that it holds extremely well in the warm, dry, Californian climate, being one of the most recommended materials by pro siding contractors.

    Here are the basics of what you need to know about stucco sidings:

    Cost of stucco siding panels

    As a siding material, stucco is somewhere in between in terms of pricing, being less expensive than premium choices such as cedar, but more expensive than vinyl or fiber cement siding.

    Stucco Siding - San Jose

    There are two types of stucco sidings

    There is the traditional stucco siding, which is a concrete mixture stucco made of water, sand and lime.

    Stucco Siding - San Jose

    Also, you have the option of synthetic stucco made from a mixture of acrylic raisins that can offer better water-resistance capabilities than the traditional option.

    Drop us a call because we’d love to know more about your next home renovation project!

    Design versatility

    As said before, stucco is the type of material that can be shaped and textured easily, from standard grainy patterns to stucco siding relief features reminiscent of the classical renaissance era villas.

    Stucco Siding - San Jose

    Even more, stucco does not require painting since permanent color can be added to the material itself. When doing this have in mind that the color will change slightly from raw to dried stucco.

    Durability of a stucco siding

    In theory, stucco can last up to 100 years as a material, but it tends to crack quite easily if water infiltrates underneath the outside layer of a stucco siding.

    Stucco Siding - San Jose

    That’s why it’s best to reach out to a professional stucco siding company that can get the job done right from the start, and will also guarantee for the durability of their work.

    Other stucco benefits

    A stucco siding is more than a siding meant to last. It also offers an entire array of further benefits such as:

    • fire-resistance since stucco is classified as a non-combustible material,
    • rot and fungus resistant since it’s a breathable material,
    • insect and critter proof since it’s not a material insects or rodents like chewing,
    • noise-resistance since the thick layers reduce noise transmission.
    Stucco Siding - San Jose

    Stucco maintenance

    Stucco is not such a delicate material as it looks like. Yet, since it has a porous surface layer, a stucco sidings is bound to collect dust and absorb stains.

    Stucco Siding - San Jose

    The good news here is that all you need is water and a bit of scrubbing, and your walls will look like new in no time at all.

    Stucco siding repair

    Any noticeable cracks in the stucco would need to be repaired fast, since they will expand over time and affect the integrity of the stucco surface surrounding that crack.

    Stucco Siding - San Jose

    Nonetheless, small cracks can be easily mended using a special stucco patch, with the mention that you need to match the color of the patch material with the one of your stucco siding before starting the reparation process.

    You can install other sidings over stucco

    Installing a siding over stucco is a cost-effective way to change the exterior design of a house without having to tear down everything and start from zero.

    Stucco Siding - San Jose

    For this, you will require furring strips which are narrow strips of wood installed next to windows and door frames to provide a stable surface to secure the new sidings.

    Stucco Siding - San Jose

    Given the versatility, as well as the ability to cope with dry climates, stucco is a great exterior design choice for any stylish Californian residence.

    Stucco Siding - San Jose

    For a stucco siding application done by the topmost professional stucco siding company in the Northern California region, get in touch with SOD Home Group.

    We have the team and the knowledge for a carefree stucco house siding installation guaranteed to last for years and years to come. We also have dozens of previous home improvement projects to showcase our level of commitment and expertise.

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