Vinyl Siding

Be it board and batten, clapboard, or natural looking, SOD can provide a carefree vinyl siding installation

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding


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    Top vinyl siding options in California

    Durable and affordable, vinyl siding will improve the exterior design of any custom home, with vinyl being one of the most versatile siding materials available today.

    Vinyl Siding | SOD Home Group

    A very popular choice in North America, a vinyl siding is very easy to care for, requiring no initial painting or treating, and all you need is to hose it down once in a while to keep it shining.

    Vinyl Siding | SOD Home Group

    Highly customizable, there are quite a few vinyl siding styles to choose from, starting with more common styles such as board and batten, clapboard, and having the option to mimic natural elements such as wood or, more recently, stone.

    Here are the most popular vinyl siding options in California:

    Board and batten vinyl siding

    Also known as vertical siding, it consists of wide boards that run up and down the house, with a smaller board, the batten, used to seal the gap where the two boards meet.

    Vinyl Siding

    Installing vinyl siding of this kind takes little time, being a good option if you are looking for a fast home remodeling to improve the exterior design of your house.

    Clapboard vinyl siding

    Also called traditional lap siding, this type of vinyl siding runs across the length of a wall horizontally.

    Vinyl siding - San Jose

    It can have different styles, from the classical matte white to even emulating elements such as wood, but without the issues a wood siding would have, such as expansion, moisture damage, or insect problems.

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    Vinyl Cedar Shake siding

    Imitating the looks of a real cedar shake siding, this type of vinyl siding offers almost the same warmth as real cedar, but without the constant maintenance needs.

    Vinyl Siding | SOD Home Group

    Even more, it comes at a fraction of the cost, and it can be installed right away, unlike cedar that needs to be acclimated to its surroundings for a correct installation.

    Smooth clapboard vinyl siding

    If you want to create that colonial look to your house, but without the extra care, then smooth lap clapboard siding is what you are looking for.

    Vinyl Siding

    Imitating the looks of freshly painted wooden boards, this type of siding can also be a good choice for the upgrade of old homes using modern material, while conserving the looks.

    Beaded vinyl siding

    This is actually a clapboard siding style, but with the addition of a bead (thread) at the bottom edge of the siding.

    Vinyl Siding

    Reminiscent of the old American homes where beads were hand carved to create a more sophisticated appeal to the house, this exterior design detail still captivates through its traditional simplicity.

    Vinyl log siding

    If you’re looking for a rugged outdoor look to your house, but without the added costs, vinyl log siding can be a great option to cover your walls.

    Vinyl Siding | SOD Home Group

    Since the material is basically maintenance free, so would be the exterior siding, thus avoiding the high maintenance costs of using real oak or cedar for your house.

    Vinyl Stone siding

    A more recent addition on the siding market, vinyl sidings that imitate the natural looks of stone have become more and more popular due to modern fabrication processes which makes it hard to tell the difference between the natural element and the synthetic material.

    Vinyl Siding | SOD Home Group

    It comes with the added advantage that it’s a lot easier to install than a stone façade, and will only put a fraction of the weight on the house structure compared to real stone.

    Insulated vinyl siding

    Insulated vinyl siding is actually a standard vinyl siding with the addition of solid foam insulation to the backside of it, making the exterior siding sturdier, but also more expensive.

    Vinyl Siding

    The reason why this type of siding is sometimes preferred is not the energy saving factor, since it will only make a slight improvement in terms of energy efficiency, but the fact that the insulation will give a more solid feel to the siding.

    Vinyl Siding | SOD Home Group

    Given the wide variety of options, the fast installation process, and the durability of the material, vinyl siding can definitely be a choice for that exterior design upgrade you are looking to make.

    Vinyl Siding | SOD Home Group

    In order to make sure that you get the most out of your vinyl siding, get in touch with SOD Home Group.

    We’re one of the top siding contractors in California, and we guarantee a fast and correct siding installation, with the reassurance that it will last you for years and years to come.

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