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The sun is the energy source that drives our planet. It should be the source that powers our homes

SOD brings all the know-how, expertise and service to transform your home from energy consumer to energy producer.


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    10 Things To Know Before Installing Solar Panels

    Going solar is on the rise, being one of the fastest growing energy renewable solutions available today.

    Solar Installers | SOD Home Group

    Whether it’s for energy saving purposes, or to reduce the carbon footprint, solar installers are the most popular choice in terms of green energy.

    Solar Installers | SOD Home Group

    Here are 10 things you need to know
    before mounting your solar panels installation:

    1. There are two main types of home solar panels:

    A. Photovoltaic Solar Panels

    This type of home solar panel collects the solar energy, and converts it into electricity. This is most likely the type of panel you want.

    Solar Installers | SOD Home Group

    B. Solar Thermal Panels

    This type of solar system relies on thermal heat, allowing you to heat a water supply which then can be used for heating or other household purposes.

    Solar Installers san jose

    2. How do solar panels work?

    For photovoltaic panels, the panel cells will be the ones capturing the sun’s energy. That energy will be directed to an inverter that will convert that energy into electricity for your home. The power will be used as generated, with the rest of electricity being taken from the main grid.

    Solar Installers | SOD Home Group

    The addition of a battery to your home solar system will allow you to store up energy, and use it when you need it.

    3. Will I need direct sunlight all the time?

    No. Your solar panel should be able to produce electricity as long as there is daylight.

    Solar Installers | SOD Home Group

    The photons in natural daylight will be the one converted into electricity, with heat from direct sunlight having no impact on energy production.

    Drop us a message and one of our experts will explain all you need to know about harvesting solar energy.

    4. Not all roofs are designed for solar installers

    Old roofing systems might not allow adding solar panels, with two main contributing factors:

    A. The material used will not withstand the extra weight

    Solar Installers | SOD Home Group

    B. The angle of the roof is too sharp for a proper installation

    Solar Installers | SOD Home Group

    In this case, there’s only one solution for this type of home improvement: getting a new roof before your solar panel installation.

    5. Mount your panels facing south

    If not, south-west or west are the next top picks for maximizing home solar energy.

    Solar Installers | SOD Home Group

    The angle of the roof is not set in stone, and can be anywhere between 10 – 60° pitch.

    6. Home Solar panels require little maintenance

    If properly installed, they should last for as long as their warranty (which is usually around 25 years) or even longer.

    Solar Installers | SOD Home Group

    Yet, it is best to check with your insurer before installation that unexpected damages due to unforeseen weather conditions are covered throughout the warranty.

    7. Make the most of your solar installers at the right time

    To maximize energy saving, try to set your appliances to run while it’s still light outside.

    Solar Installers | SOD Home Group

    This advice is particularly useful during winter months, when there’s less sunlight, and thus you’d rely more often on the main energy grid.

    8. Make sure your meters are up-to-date

    Some analogue meters might start running backwards if unused energy is put back into the grid.

    It’s not an energy saving practice, and it will only create issues with the main energy grid in the long run.

    Solar Installers | SOD Home Group

    The easy fix is to get your meters changed with newer ones that have backstop built which prevent the meter going the wrong way.

    9. How much energy will be produced?

    To estimate how much home solar energy you can produce, you need to consider the following factors: the amount of sunshine and the time of the year.

    Solar Installers | SOD Home Group

    For instance, if you live in California you’ll be able to produce a lot more energy than Wisconsin. The same applies to time of year, where days are shorter in the winter, offering less potential sunlight.

    Solar Installers | SOD Home Group

    The rest is simple math, with the solar system capacity and the number of panels as constituting factors.

    10. How many solar panels do you need?

    If your household consumes around 11,000 kWh (the national average), then you will need about 28 to 34 panels of 250 watt (with most solar panels being between 230 and 275 watts).

    Solar Installers | SOD Home Group

    Yet, it all depends on the usable size of roof to accommodate the needed number of panels, with a standard panel being about 17.5 square feet.

    Solar Installers | SOD Home Group

    Nonetheless, there’s no need to worry about running low on electricity, since you’d still be connected to the main grid and you can use that if needed.

    Installing your panels is not a DIY Job!

    You will need to find a reliable installer able to install them correctly and safely.

    Solar Installers | SOD Home Group

    The solar panels need to be attached to the roof through roof anchors that hold the frame so it won’t damage the roof underneath. Furthermore, the wiring will require a certified team with the electrician setting up the inverter in your house.

    Solar Installers | SOD Home Group

    A company such as SOD Group will make sure that the chosen solar installers are the right fit for your home and needs, as well as offering a speedy, carefree installation.

    Going green is not only a great home improvement meant for energy saving purposes; it can also be a great investment that will increase the overall value of your property.

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