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Interior design is the finishing touch without which a home is never complete

Having an interior designer assigned to your project is part of our unique recipe. Whether it's your Bathroom Design, Kitchen design or full Home design, having an expert who understands your design taste to assist you is the way to achieve home functionality with uncompromised beauty.

It's so important, we made it an integral part of our award-winning process:

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Home construction is such a huge project, it's sometimes easy to forget the interior design aspect. But with SOD, interior design was fluid and seamless. It was simply a pleasure to be involved and the results were super
Danny Lao, SoCal
After doing a complete remodeling of our home with SOD, I don't know whether to recommend their "Going beyond warranty", or going beyond level of service.
Amelia Liv, SoCal
Choosing SOD to also do our interior design was a wise decision. It turns out that they are expert in more than just construction and remodeling.
Sophia Berry, NoCal

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Our Customers Build Us

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    Interior design tips from the experts

    Interior design is an art that involves choosing the right materials, balancing colors, planning furniture additions and placement, positioning decorations and artworks, and even picking the right type of curtains for the individual room designs.

    Interior Design | SOD Home Group

    To be successful and produce an interior design style that is both attractive and practical, one needs to have a keen eye when it comes to the overall house design, and also know how to blend that in with various home décor styles.

    Here are some top tips & ideas from a professional interior design company:

    Have a color balance

    A three color scheme will work great for a family room design, a dining room design, or any other type of large rooms where people tend to mingle together.

    Interior Design | SOD Home Group

    As a rule of thumb, you can go with 60% for the main color, 30% for the secondary color, and a 10% addition for more striking accent colors.

    Interior Design | SOD Home Group

    Also, have in mind that the bigger and more circulated the room, the more colorful it can be, while maximum two colors should be used for a bathroom design or other smaller rooms.

    Think of walkways

    Any experienced home design company plans thoroughfares and open-spaces before setting the furniture, with the unwritten rule of about one meter for the walkway, which is enough space for two people.

    Interior Design | SOD Home Group

    You should consider that as well when planning the interior design for home, and try to have comfortable walking spaces at least for one person for an apartment interior design or other properties smaller than a house.

    Interior Design | SOD Home Group

    Use the golden rule

    All custom home designs follow a natural golden ratio rule artists and architects have noticed and used even before the Renaissance era.

    Interior Design | SOD Home Group

    Basically, you divide the interior design space into two-thirds for one section, and one third for the rest of it. For example, in a master suite design, a bed and bedside cabinet will take about two-thirds of the space, while an armoire or a shelving unit will take up one third of the room.

    Drop us a call, and let’s talk more about your own interior design ideas!

    Make bundles

    For a living room design, or even home decorating, try and group miscellaneous small décor pieces such as pillows, candles, vases and others to create visual interest.

    Interior Design | SOD Home Group

    Think of odd numbers when placing the items together, since this type of asymmetry (such as mystical threes or sevens) is an interior decorating trick as old as the Egyptian Pyramids.

    Arrange bookshelves

    When it comes to a library design, knowing how to find the balance between practicality and beautiful features really makes the difference in terms of elegant display.

    Interior Design | SOD Home Group

    Think of books as design items, and don’t be afraid of arranging them both horizontally and vertically for it to look more interesting. Also, if possible, don’t overcrowd the shelves with books, but rather aim for an airy look, with various accessories mingled in-between the empty spaces.

    Adopt stools

    This home design trick works great for a kitchen design or any other area where you need seating, but also space to move around.

    Interior Design | SOD Home Group

    These versatile pieces of furniture can be tucked or stacked at the side of the room to create space, and they can even become multifunctional items if we think of lidded stools or drawer stools.

    Integrate wood

    One of the best elements to make a room feel warmer is by adding wooden accents to it.

    Interior Design | SOD Home Group

    Ideal to give a natural character to a basement design, a wine cellar design, or any other home area which otherwise feels cold and blocky, wood is an elegant design element that never goes off-fashion.

    Decorate with wallpapers

    In case you don’t have the time for an extensive interior decorating process, wallpapers can be great shortcuts for a laundry room design, a basement design, or other areas that are not circulated.

    Interior Design | SOD Home Group

    Wallpaper prints look very compelling in small rooms, and you also have the chance to experiment with patterns and colors you wouldn’t use in other areas of the house.

    Opt for dark

    For any auxiliary rooms, painting your walls with darker hues, while lightening the mood with some bright décor pieces will create a cozy, attractive atmosphere.

    Interior Design | SOD Home Group

    This works great for a cigar room design or any similar house area where you want the mood to feel rather contemplative and relaxing on the eye.

    Let the light in

    There is nothing better than natural light both for your health and wellbeing.

    Interior Design | SOD Home Group

    So try to have that in mind before starting the interior design process, in order to allow as much natural light as possible without blocking it with furniture or large décor pieces.

    Interior Design | SOD Home Group

    Also, try to match windows and doors design for the various rooms around the house for symmetrical effect that showcase the neatly-chosen home design patterns.

    Interior Design | SOD Home Group

    For more design ideas and practical tips, get in touch with one of our expert designers at SOD Home Group.

    We’re always available for a friendly chat, and we also have dozens of stylish interior designs in San Jose to showcase for inspiration.

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