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    Why You Should Organize Your Laundry Room

    Simple steps to upgrade the appearance and practicality of your laundry room

    Most people visit the laundry room at least once a week. This is the room where you get your clothes washed and where you also store chemical products safely. For some odd reason, most people put the least effort into sprucing up or upgrading the interior design of their laundry rooms.

    If your laundry room is not organized and designed suitably, handling your clothes and linen can be overwhelming. The right design makes your laundry room appear more attractive, streamlines the cleaning process, and increases your home value.

    Improving your laundry room design is not a herculean task. In this post, we share with you simple steps to upgrading the appearance and practicality of your laundry room.

    Step 1: Declutter Your Laundry Room

    Laundry Room Design | SOD Home Group

    If your laundry room is full of clutter, the chores can be draining and time-consuming. Various things lying around in an untidy state need to be cut out. It creates more space and improves the functionality of your laundry room.

    • Take out the trash

    Laundry Room Design | SOD Home Group

    It’s amazing what items we allow to hang around the laundry room instead of confining them into a trash can: broken hangers, empty detergent bottles, dated concoctions, soap wrappers, ancient banana peels, etc.

    • Remove the items that aren’t supposed to be there

    Laundry Room Design | SOD Home Group

    Your laundry room shouldn’t double as something else. If you have unrelated objects sitting on laundry equipment or lying on the floor, take them someplace else. Some of the commonly misplaced items in a laundry room include books, balls, and food items.

    • Clean up the room

    Laundry Room Design | SOD Home Group

    If the items in your laundry room are coated with dust, even exemplary home design skills cannot make the situation any better. Dusty rooms appear (and smell) old and unattractive. So, clean the surfaces, dust window sills, rinse utility sinks and mop the floor.

    Step 2: Level Up Your Storage Game

    Cleaning supplies, linens, ironing boards, drying racks, and hampers are some of the items typically stored in a laundry room. A well-organized laundry room is optimized for storage. Follow these tips to improve your storage.

    • Use identical storage containers

    Laundry Room Design | SOD Home Group

    When you walk into a laundry room, your attention is first drawn to the shelves against the wall. Storage containers with uniform shape and design make the laundry room more appealing than storage vessels with conflicting designs and colors.

    • Add more hanging bars

    Laundry Room Design | SOD Home Group

    You may install tension rods in the unused parts of the wall, and attach hanging bars, creating more space for air-drying or holding newly-cleaned items before they are stowed. With more hanging bars, you are less likely to misplace items or have them strewn around.

    • Install a perforated hardboard onto the wall

    Laundry Room Design | SOD Home Group

    A perforated hardboard has small, evenly spaced holes that you can attach pegs on and support objects with, thus avoiding misplacing them. In a laundry room, items like lint rollers, brushes, and cleaning supplies can be easily misplaced or make the place untidy if handled carelessly. But installing a perforated hardboard onto the wall allows you to attach these things in one place and avoid losing them.

    • Buy a folding ladder

    Laundry Room Design | SOD Home Group

    In case you want to reach an upper shelf but your height cannot allow it, a ladder would be handy. Invest in a folding ladder that you can tuck away after using. You don’t want a step ladder that stands imposingly in the laundry room and ruins the view.

    Improving your laundry room design is not a herculean task, but makes all the difference. A well-organized, clean laundry room makes it easy to do laundry chores for both the owner and someone who’s never been there before.

    • Label things

    Laundry Room Design | SOD Home Group

    When the items in a laundry room are labeled, the room is visually pleasant. If someone other than the owner were to use the laundry room, there would be minimal confusion, as it acts as a foundation for order and cleanliness.

    • Use baskets

    Laundry Room Design | SOD Home Group

    Instead of leaving your clothes on the floor or placing them on top of laundry machines, just bring a basket with a handle. If you are laundering a massive size of clothes, use a basket with wheels at the bottom.

    • Customize drawers and cabinets

    Laundry Room Design | SOD Home Group

    Pull-out drawers are typically for storing supplies. But you may customize the drawer into an ironing board so that you pull the drawer out and attach a board when ironing clothes and then push it back. This is particularly useful if you have a small laundry room design.

    3. Use an artistic light fixture

    Laundry Room Design | SOD Home Group

    Lighting is one of the main ways of enhancing the laundry room interior design. Resist the urge of installing a bright fluorescent tube. You want to use the lighting that gives your laundry room an artistic edge. You may use wall lamps, chandeliers, and vintage lighting.


    A well-organized laundry room makes it easy to do laundry chores. The size of your laundry room doesn’t matter, because you can implement the above tips to improve its appearance and functionality. If you consider yourself too green, or if you have other customizations that you wish to bring into reality, you may have to hire a laundry room design company.

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