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    How to make the most out of your library design

    In terms of home design, a library is one of the places where you can showcase style and create a relaxing, peaceful environment for yourself, as well as anyone else who enters that room.

    Library Design | SOD Home Group

    A home library design should focus on creating a comfortable and welcoming environment, where the books become design elements, with at least one main study area, and if possible a couple of reading nooks placed around that room.

    Library Design | SOD Home Group

    Regardless if your home design is traditional or more modern, these following library design advices are suitable for all homes, and can be tweaked or expanded to fit any interior design style.

    Here are 10 handy design tips from a library interior design company:

    Create comfort

    If you thought looks is the most important aspect when it comes to library design, then think again.

    Library Design | SOD Home Group

    It’s actually comfort!

    That’s because a library is a space to study, where you can keep your mind focused and your body relaxed.

    Library Design | SOD Home Group

    So in order to do so, you need to make sure the main seating area is comfortable–think ergonomics– and also try to create some quiet places around with lounge chairs or similar furniture for extra coziness.

    Integrate artwork

    Besides books, the second most used element for a library interior design should be artwork.

    Library Design | SOD Home Group

    Think of paintings that go well with the interior design, as well as your shelving. Also, don’t limit to only hanging paintings on the walls, since the shelving sides and even the frames can also be used to hang a fitting painting.

    Library Design | SOD Home Group

    Another way to upgrade the interior décor is through the use of sculptures and other small artistic pieces to cover empty shelf space.
    A by and large rule would be two-thirds books and one-third artwork.

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    Think modern

    Any home design project, and that includes a library design, should be about expressing yourself, and also showing off your personality. Try to fit new styles, colors, and ideas that blend in with the rest of the interior design, but also deliver a different type of message.

    Library Design | SOD Home Group

    Also, have in mind that a library interior design doesn’t have to be all hardwood to be classy, and that there’s an entire array of modern materials that offer a different set of advantages.

    Reimagine shelves

    Who said shelves need to be flat, parallel storage units?

    Library Design | SOD Home Group

    While the classical built-in look is what you should be after in a more traditional library design, angled shelves as well as sculptural étagères will put your books into a different perspective to showcase your creative thinking.

    Library Design | SOD Home Group

    Just remember that this modern type of shelving only works on library designs where books are in a small amount, otherwise it will all look like an asymmetrical clutter.

    Maximize space

    If you’re an avid reader and books come in abundance, then a home library design where you try to make the most of the available space is your best choice.

    Library Design | SOD Home Group

    You can achieve that by using all available wall space on two adjoining sides of the room, while also having in mind places like under the stairs area, or the above the doorframe space for built-in shelves.

    Consider light

    Good reading light is essential for any library interior design, since it creates a more inviting atmosphere and makes the experience a lot more enjoyable.

    Library Design | SOD Home Group

    Think of setting up a reading nook next to a well-lit window, as well as installing dimmer lights for times where all you want to do is curl up on a comfy chair with a hot drink and a good book.

    Library Design | SOD Home Group

    Turn it multipurpose

    If you lack space in your house, but would still like to have a library area, think of a multipurpose library design. For instance, you can use wall-to-wall bookshelves for an entrance into the living area, or you can install a contract bookshelf into your master suite.

    Library Design | SOD Home Group

    Just remember that in order to make that area feel like a stylish library, and not only shelving, you’d need contrasting color patterns and display styles that go well with the rest of the interior design of that room.

    Library Design | SOD Home Group

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