Concrete Design

Concrete design is elementary in any home improvement and landscape design process

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    How to make concrete designs more appealing

    Though somehow considered a boring and cold material in terms of outdoor design, concrete still remains one of the most versatile construction materials for an attractive landscape design.

    Concrete Design | SOD Home Group

    With a bit of out-of-the-box thinking, your concrete patio can be casted in various exciting new shapes, and with the addition of tints, the uninviting classical light gray is just a thing of the past. Even more, concrete is a durable material meant to withstand outdoor factors, with little maintenance required.

    Concrete Design | SOD Home Group

    Here are some creative techniques to make your concrete design more attractive:

    Make your concrete pattern look like stone

    With a bit of patterning knowhow and the right tools, your concrete design can easily emulate the looks of a real stone patio by making asymmetrical indentations in the concrete, and also having the option to choose between various shapes and sizes.

    Concrete Design | SOD Home Group

    Also, one of the advantages of a concrete stone pattern over real stone is that the surface can be perfectly straight, making it great for setting a dining table and other functional outdoor furniture.

    Integrate wood elements into your concrete design

    Wood is the perfect material to bring some warmth into your concrete patio, making the entire ensemble feel more inviting and casual.

    Concrete Design | SOD Home Group

    You can either integrate the wood into the concrete design through wooden pathways and built-in benches, or you can simply add some wooden furniture, or a structure such as a gazebo or pergola.

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    Give it an old-factory concrete color and design feel

    For a simple, but stylish upgrade of your landscape design, you can give your hardscape a color and design reminiscent of the industrial era where everything was made out of red brick.

    Concrete Design | SOD Home Group

    With a bit of patterning, you can obtain a concrete color and design that will feel like a factory wall, but instead of going up, it’s laid down into your garden, integrated with the natural elements of your already existing outdoor design.

    Opt for a stained concrete color

    Staining is a very easy way to upgrade your concrete patio and add color, patterns, and even custom graphics to concrete.

    Concrete Design | SOD Home Group

    One other advantage of using stains is that it works on both fresh and aged types of concrete.

    Concrete Design | SOD Home Group

    Still, have in mind that just like wood staining, concrete staining won’t hide cracks and other flaws in already existing concrete.

    Go geometrical with concrete pavers

    Made from molds that allow precise shapes and sizes, concrete pavers are an easy way to add simple and complex geometrical shapes to your concrete design.

    Concrete Design | SOD Home Group

    They can imitate other outdoor design surfaces, coming in a wide variety of textures, sizes, colors and shapes, with the most common being squares and triangles.

    Think of a leveled concrete design

    If your backyard terrain is uneven, a concrete patio built on layers will not only improve the looks of your garden, but it will also prove to be a functional home improvement, since now you’ll have ready-made straight surface for lounging or other activities.

    Concrete Design | SOD Home Group

    More than that, having a layered concreted design will make your backyard look less like a parking lot and more like an appealing, classy outdoor design.

    Add a fire pit to your concrete design

    A very enjoyable way to add warmth to your concrete patio is to integrate a fire pit into your outdoor design for outdoor summer nights with friends around a log fire.

    Concrete Design | SOD Home Group

    You can blend-in a fire pit using concrete forms, or by using other materials that go well with your concrete patio such as cinder blocks or bricks.

    Create a wood-stamped concrete pattern

    If you thought you cannot emulate the style of a wooden deck using concrete, think again.

    Concrete Design | SOD Home Group

    There are stamped patterns for your concrete design to give the same look as aged wood, and it comes with the added advantage of better durability.

    Concrete Design

    As you see, concrete is no longer an austere, template material, but rather a world of design opportunities within a single material.

    Still, in order to turn your concrete design from simple to spectacular, you would need to master the art of adding textures and patterns to concrete, as well as having the proper equipment for such a task.

    For a concrete design set to break the standards, get in touch with SOD Home Group. We have the team, the knowledge, as well as the dedication to make the most out of your landscape design.

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