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    6 ways to integrate masonry into your garden

    When it comes to landscape design, masonry represents the backbone of your garden that delimitates areas, creates patterns and pathways, as well as having a structural part in keeping natural elements in place.

    Masonry | SOD Home Group

    A well-executed masonry design will make the outdoor space look more inviting and tame, while also delivering the idea of permanence since hardscape is meant to last.

    Masonry | SOD Home Group

    Not only linked to stone, masonry is the type of building technique that can also utilize other main materials such as bricks, clay, concrete blocks, and even poured concrete.

    Based on your outdoor design needs, this article will tackle what type of masonry works best for your garden, as well what type of structures can be created.

    Masonry | SOD Home Group

    Here are 6 of the best uses of masonry, as an outdoor home improvement:

    1. Make retaining walls

    If your garden is on a slope, then this type of outdoor construction will not only improve the looks of the landscape design, but it will also serve a practical purpose.

    Masonry | SOD Home Group

    Brick and stone masonry are the best choices here, blending in with the rest of the natural elements, and offering protection against erosion and a potential spill-out of the soil.

    2. Build garden stairs

    As any good masonry contractor will tell you, one of the best applications of masonry for your backyard is the building of stairs for easier and safer access to various parts of your yard.

    Masonry | SOD Home Group

    You can either use brick or concrete masonry for this instance, with the advice to avoid stone as the main material here, since stairs might prove to be slippery and uneven.

    Masonry | SOD Home Group

    If you’re looking for a classical garden stairs look, brick will be your best choice in terms of masonry design, while concrete will offer more versatility, being suitable for curved or uneven stair levels.

    Get in touch because we’d love to hear about your next outdoor or indoor construction project!

    3. Lay some pathways

    A brick or a stone pathway will not only make walking through your garden so much more comfortable, but it will also improve the entire appeal of your outdoor design, since the contrast between cold elements used for hardscaping and natural warm elements go together splendidly.

    Masonry | SOD Home Group

    Even more, the masonry design using these two elements can create some beautiful patterns, either asymmetrical and natural if you use stone, or straight-lined and geometrical for brick.

    4. Place masonry seating

    Whether we’re talking chairs or benches, or brick, stone, and even cement masonry, hardscape seating not only look good, but it will also require little maintenance since it’s built to withstand the elements.

    Masonry | SOD Home Group

    One great way to make the seating look warmer is by integrating wood elements into it. Also, have in mind that this type of functional outdoor furniture should be used here and there around your garden, and shouldn’t become the element of a dining area or patio.

    5. Create a small garden wall

    We’re not talking here about large structures, but rather a small brick wall or stone to delimitate your plant garden from the rest of your yard, while still keeping it in view.

    Masonry | SOD Home Group

    This type of residential masonry will allow for a clear, visible separation that will border and protect your plants from people wandering around in the wrong direction.

    Masonry | SOD Home Group

    More than that, it will highlight the garden area, putting the emphasis on your lovely plants.

    6. Create some masonry design features

    Though not serving a practical purpose as an outdoor home improvement, a few masonry design features for your garden can really spruce up the place.

    masonry design - San Jose

    Also, there’s an entire array of features you can build using brick and stone masonry. A few ideas to consider are a brick pedestal for plants or a sundial, a stone fire pit, a water fountain, planters, and a lot more.

    masonry design - San Jose

    One thing to remember is to keep it sparse, since you don’t want to turn your landscape design into a cluttered outdoor museum. For your masonry design features to stand out without feeling too much, a ratio of maximum 30 percent of space taken should be a good rule of thumb.

    masonry design - San Jose

    Residential masonry is the type of outdoor home improvement meant to last. That’s why it’s best to make sure you get it right from the start.

    For a successful garden transformation project, both in terms of masonry design as well as the construction process, SOD Home Group is your top masonry contractor here in California.

    We promise a carefree experience, as well as the possibility to see how your landscape design will look even before the actual start of the project.

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