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A garden is never a garden without its plants

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    Top gardening tips for landscape design purposes

    There’s no question about it, gardening is essential for the upkeep of any stylish landscape design.

    Outdoor Plants | SOD Home Group

    Outdoor plants offer great options for landscaping, from endless spaces where plants fill the distance, to small backyards where an entire garden can be fitted within a boxed area.

    Outdoor Plants | SOD Home Group

    Based on what plans you have in mind for your outdoor design, as well as what type of garden layout are best fitted for the Californian weather, this article will tackle what plants are most appropriate with landscape design as one of the main influencing factors.

    Outdoor Plants | SOD Home Group

    Here are some gardening tips to help boost your landscape design:

    Flowering plants alongside structuring plants

    Create an outdoor design frame in which evergreen shrubs will create the main structure and shape of your garden, and leave about one meter border for further additions.

    Outdoor Plants | SOD Home Group

    Once that is created, complete the landscape with colorful outdoor plants for effect, such as flowering plants. Try to pick from only three or four types of effect plants for a consistent pattern.

    Use low plants as first row

    The front row of plants that are visible at the edge of a walkway or patio should be there to offer perspective rather than block it while also offering a green, organized visual stimulant.

    Outdoor Plants | SOD Home Group

    Low growing plants such as boxwood, or lilyturf make for great edging outdoor plants that draw attention to the taller plants behind, as well as hiding any harsh outdoor design edges.

    Think of succulents

    Succulents are a great way to enhance the looks of your property, and they also come with the added advantage of that they require little to no gardening.

    Outdoor Plants | SOD Home Group

    Here is a list of the most suitable succulents for the Californian climate: aloe, yucca, aeonium, agave, sedum, echeveria, haworthia.

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    Opt for climbing plants in small gardens

    If the space is limited, then climbing outdoor plants are your best choice. They can provide a beautiful and colorful display that attracts the view, and offer the sensation of a tranquil, natural environment.

    Outdoor Plants | SOD Home Group

    Try to opt for evergreens if possible, with two of the most popular choices being clematis and honeysuckle, since they can cope well with any dry spell of weather.

    Attract butterflies

    What better way to turn your garden into a fairytale land than by having butterflies all round it.

    Outdoor Plants | SOD Home Group

    There are some species of summer-blooming flowers that tend to attract butterflies more often than other outdoor plants. Lantana, ageratum, and dahlias are some of them, with perennial flowers such as coneflowers, hyssop, and bee balm also being a butterfly’s delight.

    Outdoor Plants | SOD Home Group

    Even more, you can do some changes to your outdoor design for this purpose, with the addition of shallow puddles around those plants, since butterflies also love fresh water.

    Make a herb box

    This small scale gardening project will allow you to have fresh at your disposal most times of the year.

    Outdoor Plants | SOD Home Group

    Also, from an outdoor design perspective, such a quirky element will prove to be a great focus point for your garden, while also being the ideal conversation starter.

    Create a raised planter vegetable garden

    Somewhere at the border between design element and outdoor home improvement, a raised planter will be necessary if you plan a vegetable garden and you need to control the quality of the soil.

    Outdoor Plants | SOD Home Group

    With landscape design in mind, here are some of the best looking vegetables to plant: globe artichokes, squashes, peas, chives, curry kale, chilies, zucchini, and chard.

    Take care of the lawn

    Sounds like a no brainer, but a well-kept lawn will make the biggest impact when it comes to the overall looks of your landscape design.

    Outdoor Plants | SOD Home Group

    After all, it’s the biggest area of your garden and a great advertisement on how much you value a natural, yet polished view.

    Outdoor Plants | SOD Home Group

    When it comes to a fluid and attractive landscape design, gardening and outdoor plants have a big contribution. Knowing which plants are best fitted for California, as well as how to maintain your outdoor plants is essential for the perpetuation of any attractive garden.

    For an outdoor design that not only attracts, but truly charms, get in touch with SOD Home Group. We have the team and the expertise to turn your garden into a true urban oasis.

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