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Aesthetic stone design brings any home to life. It's what makes it unique by design.

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    Create fabulous landscape designs using stone walls

    Though there is a vast array of alternatives for outdoor design, natural stone still remains one of the most popular landscape design materials, being one of the top choices for landscape design in California.

    A natural stone design will offer variety and textures, and give your backyard an authentic look that will last the test of time, since natural stone is not only affordable, it’s also reliable and durable.

    Even more, from stone walls to a stone veneer, there is an entire range of stone applications for outdoor design, since the evolution of technology to manipulate this natural element has improved greatly in the past decades.

    Here are some amazing garden landscape designs using stone as the prime element:

    Have a natural stone patio

    Stone makes a great base material for your patio, with the stone design offering that real-nature look which allows the patio to integrate fluidly with the rest of your landscape design.

    Stone Design | SOD Home Group

    Try to use stones that are small to medium size for the patio itself, and you can use larger stones for the borders to delimitate the patio from the other outdoor design elements. Yet, don’t forget that you also need pathways, so don’t border the entire patio with larger stones.

    Stone Design | SOD Home Group

    Tip: Combine stone design or any other hardscape element of your garden with wood, to give it some extra warmth. For instance, a stone patio goes well with wooden furniture for an inviting atmosphere.

    Create a Japanese outdoor design

    A Japanese-inspired stone design is all about variety because besides shapes and texture, stones also have another quality often ignored: color.

    Stone Design | SOD Home Group

    Combine stone, with wood, green elements, and water elements if possible to create a tranquil place similar to a mountain top. Also, have in mind that an organized stone design is the main focus point, with organized borders, stone walls and stone slabs.

    Stone Design | SOD Home Group

    Your garden should be all about the beauty of the natural landscape design, where the quietness of the stone should deliver a visual stress-relief effect.

    Get in touch, because we’d love to know more about your next home improvement project!

    Use stone veneers

    Stone is not only a standalone element, but it can also be used to decorate other outdoor surfaces through the addition of a stone veneer. Basically a thin layer of stone can be attached to almost any surface, giving it the natural, rugged aspect of a stone cover.

    Stone Design | SOD Home Group

    You can use stone veneers on the outside walls of your house, or on other hardscape elements, such as a brick fence, to make your landscape design look more luxurious.

    Stone Design | SOD Home Group

    Even more, nowadays there’s the possibility of manufactured stone veneer, also called faux veneer, which imitates natural stone, offering advantages such as reduced costs, and easier application.

    Build a stone wall

    A stone wall has the potential to offer you privacy, as well as offer you a natural view, since the stone design will look natural and appealing to the eye, and can even be improved through the addition of clinging plants that will adhere to the stone layers.

    Stone Design | SOD Home Group

    Even more, shorter stone walls can be used to delimitate various areas of your outdoor design, acting as a barrier and even slope protection, while also giving a feel of permanence to your garden layout.

    Integrate natural stone furniture

    If your already existing outdoor design comes with a lot of natural elements such as a wooden deck or a grassy patio, then using natural stone furniture is a great way to balance out your garden.

    Stone Design | SOD Home Group

    You can place functional furniture such as chairs, tables, and benches around the garden and create pockets of relaxation that won’t require any looking after, since stone furniture can withstand the elements with ease.

    Have an outdoor stone fireplace

    A great way to improve your landscape design, and make it more inviting, especially during the nighttime is the addition of a stone fireplace to your garden.

    Stone Design | SOD Home Group

    In terms of main material, limestone, marble, and granite make the best choices, being able to withstand cold and heat, as well as being durable in time, and easy to maintain.

    Stone Design | SOD Home Group

    Tip: Have in mind that a stone fireplace is the type of home improvement that requires a construction permit in California.

    Upgrade with an outdoor stone kitchen

    Having a grill in your garden is nice, but if you plan to go above and beyond with your chef skills, then an outdoor stone kitchen is the best ‘ideal host’ statement in terms of landscape design.

    Stone Design | SOD Home Group

    You can either go simple with a barbecue area, and a dining spot next to it, or you can go all out and have a complete kitchen with appliances and a kitchen island to gather around. Still, the common element will be the stone design, which will cover every kitchen element, giving it a traditional, quaint appeal.

    Stone Design | SOD Home Group

    Tip: Have in mind protecting your outdoor kitchen from the sun or rain to get the maximum enjoyment out of it. Even a simple pergola will do the trick.

    As you see, stone can be a powerful outdoor design element and material if you know how to use it.

    For a landscape design project set in stone when it comes to both wonderful design, as well as carefree execution, get in touch with SOD Home Group. We have the team, the experience, and the eagerness to turn your garden into a masterpiece.

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