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tree services san jose

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Tree services - California

Tree services - California

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    5 ways to integrate trees into a modern landscape design

    An outdoor design where trees are part of the landscape is a lot more complex than you might have initially presumed, since trees are large design elements that constantly change shape and size over time.

    Tree Services | SOD Home Group

    Garden areas such as the ground around a tree are often disregarded, with raw dirt, weeds, and tree roots diminishing an otherwise stylish landscape design, while tree care can also be a complicated endeavor, with factors such as bad soil, root damage, improper irrigation and shade affecting not only the trees, but the rest of the vegetation around it.

    Tree Services | SOD Home Group

    The article that follows will go beyond the traditional way of placing a brick or stone border around a tree, and explore some more unconventional ways to create landscape designs where trees are an integral part of it, and not just an awkward-looking natural element.

    Here are the 5 creative ways to blend in trees into a modern landscape design:

    1. Patio tree

    A very neat way to create shading for your patio and warm up an otherwise cold element is to keep your existing tree in the area where you want to install your patio, and build the structure around it, while giving it a bit of extra space to expand horizontally over time.

    Tree Services | SOD Home Group

    In case you lack trees altogether, tree planting might also work if you have the patience, while a tree removal up to one or two individuals might be required in order to create optimum patio space.

    2. Deck tree

    There’s no need for tree cutting services if you plan to build a deck, and a tree is in the way. Just like the patio example above, you can always make space for it, and actually enhance the look of your deck.

    Tree Services | SOD Home Group

    Even more, it can also help the tree, since the wood deck will keep the soil intact, while the small gaps between planks will allow water and oxygen to reach the ground.

    3. Swing tree

    A very simple way to turn your existing tree into a veritable home improvement is to turn it into an attraction for kids and big kids alike by installing a hanging chair if the branches are strong enough.

    Tree Services | SOD Home Group

    Constant tree services will be required to reduce any risks, while the ground underneath would ideally be soil covered with grass or plants for a soft emergency landing.

    Get in touch for a friendly chat, and let’s talk more about your outdoor design ideas!

    4. Tree house

    Similar to the one above, this idea is also at the border of outdoor home improvement and creative landscape design. Not only a kids place, an open-plan tree house is actually a great place to relax and watch the world passing by.

    Tree Services | SOD Home Group

    Still, this idea requires the existence of a tree large enough to support an outdoor structure, and even a building permit if the tree house is a sizable one. Also, constant tree care and tree services are a must.

    5. Tree bench

    A great way to utilize the trees in your garden for a practical purpose is by installing rounded wooden benches around some of them.

    Tree Services | SOD Home Group

    Now you have a naturally shaded area to hang out that enhances the visual effect of your outdoor design and also makes for a great conversation starter. Just remember that regular tree maintenance will be required to avoid the accidental fall of dead branches.

    A world on trees and under vegetation:

    A simple, yet elegant way to cover the space around a tree is by covering it with plants that thrive in shaded places, and border that area with another natural outdoor design element such as a bed of rocks.

    Tree Services | SOD Home Group

    As you see, landscaping with trees goes beyond tree services, and tree planting, turning into the type of task where you need to make sure you get it right from the first. Still, the permanency of the end results will make it all worthwhile over time.

    Tree Services | SOD Home Group

    With SOD Home Group you can make sure that trees are an integral part of landscape design, offering both beauty as well as practicality when it comes to creating shaded areas.

    Even more, we also offer a complete array of tree services, from tree planting to tree removal, being ready to take care of your property right here, in California.

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