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Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen area is central to every home. From tiles and floor to cabinets and appliances, a good remodeling only takes your kitchen to the next level in terms of overall aesthetics, and practical design and functionality.

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Home Remodeling

There comes a time in life that calls for home remodeling. It’s a time that calls for celebration, merging the old with the new to create a totally new look that uplifts the ambience.

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Bathroom Remodeling

There are countless ways to make your new and improved bathroom sparkle with freshness and uniqueness.

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Garage Remodeling

A well-remodeled garage takes the original design to a higher level of convenience and practicality.

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We finally decided to remodel our entire kitchen. It was a major project but we definitely chose the right team for the job.
Mark Lee, SoCal
The SODHG team renovated our bathrooms and garage. Everything went according to plan, right on time, and the results speak for themselves.
Teresa Bergman, NoCal
I heard horrible stories about home remodeling projects gone wrong. Working with SODHG proved them all wrong
Simon Yalu NoCal
Home remodeling is a big project and having the right contractor for the job is critical. My friend recommended SODHG and after meeting them, I knew I found my team.
Dan Marcus, NoCal
We remodeled our entire living room with SODHG and the experience was beyond our expectations. We can't wait to do our kitchen and bathrooms.
Kelly Levine, SoCal


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    Modern Home Remodeling concepts

    Home remodeling doesn’t have to focus solely at interior design, or follow a certain principle to be effective. As long as it offers an extra level of comfort, practicality, and home aesthetics, you can be as creative as you’d like with your home renovation.

    Remodeling | SOD Home Group

    From a home remodeling that uses the space of a former closet to place a bathroom, to a garage remodeling that turns into an accessory dwelling unit, there’s an entire new wave of fresh home design ideas to make the most out of your custom home.

    Remodeling | SOD Home Group

    Below you will find some inspiration, based on the three most popular types of home improvements, respectively kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and garage remodeling.

    Kitchen Remodeling

    If you plan a kitchen remodeling without making any other changes to your custom home, there are plenty of things you can do to improve the interior design, as well as usability for your new kitchen.

    Remodeling | SOD Home Group

    Add some visual appeal with some original tile backsplash choices, change dated cabinets with open shelves, opt for a countertop design that steals the show, upgrade the flooring, or even create a comfy nook in one of the corners. After all, everything goes when you’re hungry for some modern home remodeling ideas.

    Remodeling | SOD Home Group

    Nonetheless, if you fancy the idea of a kitchen island, where you can have your own workspace, or gather around the ones you love, then a room addition might be required with your kitchen remodeling. This particular home improvement will expand your new kitchen outside the walls of your custom home, allowing all the space you need for the newly extended interior design.

    Remodeling | SOD Home Group

    Good to know: If your current kitchen is already spacious, but you want a couple of feet more, then a kitchen bump out is all you need. Cheaper and faster to build than a room addition, it doesn’t affect the current placement of utilities, nor does it require HVAC changes.

    Call us today because we would love to hear about your dream home remodeling project!

    Bathroom Remodeling

    Bathroom remodeling is all about space, practicality, and how it will fit the overall house design. You need to think of accessible outlets, if a bathtub is required or not, and some aesthetic elements such as flooring and lighting.

    Remodeling | SOD Home Group

    Your bathroom remodeling plans should also contain the essential: the toilet. That’s because not all toilets are equal, both in size and heights, and some fit better than others within the interior design of your new bathroom. If your bathroom is small, opt for a petite toilet like the one shown below.

    Remodeling | SOD Home Group

    In terms of lighting, the simplest way would be to place a diffuse light in the center. Ceiling downlights should be placed with careful consideration for maximum results.

    Remodeling | SOD Home Group

    When it comes to tiles, your best choices both in terms of durability and look are: porcelain, glass, natural stone, cement, and subway tile.

    Remodeling | SOD Home Group

    Make sure you have storage in mind for your new bathroom. By not regarding slevings as an afterthought, and integrating your storage into the bathroom remodeling process,will complement the interior design of your bathroom by giving it a spacious, clean look to it.

    Remodeling | SOD Home Group

    Sometimes it makes more sense to put a secondary bathroom on floors without one, or if you’re living in a crowded household. If space is your top concern, here are some modern ideas where a second bathroom, albeit smaller, can be placed: a large closet, the end of a hallway, a basement, the under the stairs area, or even a part of a large bedroom.

    Garage Remodeling

    Don’t think that a garage remodeling is dull and predictive. There are plenty of ideas and solutions to help you get more out of your garage, and turn it into a true home improvement, rather than being just the place you park your car.

    Remodeling | SOD Home Group

    You can turn your cluttered garage into a sleek storage space by adding storage on the walls, as well as ceiling. For larger items, you can use slat wall panels to support the extra weight.

    Remodeling | SOD Home Group

    Even more, a garage remodeling can be the ideal home renovation to find that extra space for your hobbies. Tool stations, working spaces, or even sports items can be integrated within your garage.

    Remodeling | SOD Home Group

    Still, the idea is to declutter and find space, so make sure your garage remodeling doesn’t turn into a storage deposit room at the end.

    Remodeling | SOD Home Group

    Now, in case you’re not using your garage at all, and want to expand your living space, you can turn your garage remodeling into an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) addition. Though the costs are at a significantly larger scale than a simple remodeling, an ADU comes with its own distinct set of advantages, from offering complete privacy, as well as independency, to renting it out for an extra income.

    Remodeling | SOD Home Group

    Tip: Regardless of the home remodeling you’re doing, make sure to ask questions throughout the entire process about anything that is not clear for you. Starting from asking your interior designer about how the blueprints will translate into reality, and continuing with knowing at any step of the process how the home renovation is going, will prove essential for a successful home improvement.

    Remodeling | SOD Home Group

    That’s why, it’s better to leave this type of home improvements to a trustworthy, professional home remodeling company. One that will guarantee a carefree experience.

    SOD Home Group has been the leading home renovation company in North California for the past decade, able to surpass expectations, and deliver on time and on budget without fail.

    In fact, why not get in touch with one of our experts for a no-obligation chat, since we’re certain that we can showcase successful projects similar to what you have in mind right now.

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